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Unhinges the player's movement from the camera + first person view witcher senses

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- Unhinged RPG Camera -

   - What It Does -
This camera mod unhinges the player's movement from the camera, allowing
Geralt to move around the screen while the camera doesn't try as hard to
keep up with him. Also featured is a first person view witcher sense.

   - Installation -
Copy into your mods folder and run Script Merger if you're using another mod that changes

   - Complimentary Mods -

I highly recommend the following mods to use with this one
  Face Them
  Immersive Motion (+jooeess' toggle tweak)⭐
  No Glow For Witcher Senses
  Witcher Sense Toggle w/ No Message⭐
  Friendly HUD
  Standart Audio for Focus (Witcher Sense)

   - Known Bugs -
While in first person mode NPCs will have weird hit detection when Geralt bumps into them