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Fixes the bad camera transitions when mounting and dismounting Roach

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Have you noticed that the camera jumps or stutters when you mount/dismount Roach? The game suffers from bad camera transitions between those camera states. This mod fixes all that and makes it smooth.

Additionally there are alternative versions that disable auto centering at certain horse speeds(slow/medium) so you can enjoy the views.

Lightweight - You will rarely have any merge conflicts. Tested on 1.31 and 1.32 game versions. If it doesn't just let me know and I will try to fix it.

Compatibility: Compatible with vanilla, Immersive Cam and Absolute Camera.

  • To use with Immersive Cam you will need to solve one merge conflict with Script Merger. Just combine the OnGameCameraTick changes from both mods and you should be fine. If you need help just look at my video on Immersive Cam.
  • Absolute Camera works better with vanilla horse camera options, so I suggest turning off the horse presets or using Immersive Cam instead, which works flawlessly with my mod.
  • v1.5 fixes compatibility with any Fast Travel mod(Fast Travel from Anywhere, Fast Travel from Roach etc.)

:Extract and drop modHorseCameraTweaks folder into TW3 Dir/mods/
Use Script Merger to merge with your other mods.

Update v1.6: Renamed mod folder so please delete the old (modHorseCameraTweaks) folder and just copy the new one.

Note: You might still feel some jerkiness, but that's due to Geralt's animations, which unfortunately can't be fixed easily(if at all). Fortunately this mod fixes all the camera issues.

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