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Makes Geralt and the other witchers look more mutant-like and lore-friendly

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This modification series aims for a more lore-friendly appearance of Geralt and the other witchers. By "lore" I mean the previous games, references in the current game itself and Andrzej Sapkowski's books. So far, three mods have been realized:

1. Real Witcher Eyes

Makes the witchers' ordinary eyes from the main game look more extraordinary and cat-like as it can be seen on earlier artworks or in the first game. In detail, the mod:
  • Changes the eye color from a dull brown to a glowing yellow
  • Makes the pupils narrower and less round
  • Slightly increases the saturation of the veins on the eyeballs

2. True Mutantism
Turns Geralt into the sickly-looking mutant he should be. Geralt is repeatedly called "mutant scum" or "pale as an oaty shite" in The Witcher 3. Yet, he doesn't look like a mutant at all apart from his white hair. In fact, his complexion is healthier than that of most NPCs.
Furthermore, his eyebrows don't match his hair and beard color. This mod fixes these inconsistencies leading to a look closer to that one of the first gameIn detail, the mod:
  • Makes Geralt's skin paler
  • Matches the color of his (previously black) eyebrows correctly with his hair
  • Adds a small gap in his left eyebrow to make his scar look more realistic
  • Slightly increases the visibility of his eye circles
  • Adds barely visible veins on his face

3. White Wolf (not supported anymore)
According to the books and games, Geralt has lost all his hair pigmentation giving him the name "White Wolf". However, as many of my supporters correctly remarked, his beard is far too grey in the vanilla game. That's why this mod turns it completely white.

Unpack the archives into your "mods" folder within the Witcher 3 installation (e.g. "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt/mods") and you're good to go!

Version History:
Version 0.7: Added the new scar for Hearts of Stone compatibility
Version 0.6: Achieved HW on/off compatibility for the White Wolf addon; tweaded colouring of the eybrows for "True Mutantism"
Version 0.5: Added "White Wolf" addon with whiter hair and beard; created install wizard
Version 0.4: Tweaked shaping of the eyebrows and visibility of the veins
Version 0.3: Added "True Mutantism" expansion
Version 0.2: Added normal maps for "Real Witcher Eyes"; created optional version w/ vanilla pupils
Version 0.1: Oldest version of "Real Witcher Eyes" w/out normal maps

Planned Features for Future Versions:
  • Add missing scars
  • Make Geralt's pupils adaptive to toxicity and light level (on hold until real ModKit gets released)

Special thanks go to: