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This very simple mod removes the "dirty lens" or "lens dirt" effect found in the game.

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This is the first tweak/mod I've ever attempted to do, and consists of making a single texture transparent. I've followed the little guides Cd Projekt Red provided in order to make simple texture replacement mods and managed to remove this effect which had been bugging me since the release of the game.

I've noticed that this particular effect has been bothering other people as well, and I hope that some find a use for it.

Note : This mod only removes the dirty lens effect and does not change any other screen effect. You'll still see water droplets and the lens flare that was added in Blood and Wine, both of which can be removed with the following mods : 

Remove Screen Water Droplets Effect by FPSRazR :

No Glare Effect (Blood and Wine) by TheLastWitcher

Note #2 :The Super Turbo lighting Mod by Essenthy will NOT work if you have the "no dirty lens mod" installed, so you'll need to remove this mod.

However, the STLM mod removes the dirty lens effect by default.


In order to use this, simply drop the "modNoDirtyLensEffect" folder into your "mods" folder. If this is the first mod you're using, you'll first have to create the "mods" folder in your Witcher 3 directory.

It should look a bit like this: 

<Your Drive>:\<path>\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods\modNoDirtyLensEffect

Likewise, if you want to remove this mod, simply delete the "modNoDirtyLensEffect" folder. 

Tested on patch 1.08.1/1.08.2/1.08.3/1.10/1.11/1.12/1.21/1.22/1.30/1.31/1.32