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A very small mod that tries to explain the out-of-character behaviour of Dijkstra during "Reason of State".

Permissions and credits
! Warning !
! Spoilers ahead for the side mission „Reason of State“ !

Dijkstra's Doppler

1. Introduction:

Dijkstra is one of my favourite characters in the Witcher universe. He always plans ahead and knows exactly what he's doing. He once did a big mistake though:
Underestimating Geralt - A foolishness his leg reminds him of to this day.

So why on earth would he not only admit his betrayal on Geralt's friends but also try to fight him face to face?!
While I love everything else about Dijkstra in this game, this scene feels just completely out-of-character.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you used version 1.0.0 please download the Optional File "Uninstall1.0.0" and install the new version. The new version doesn't have a complicated unistall routine anymore.

2. What this mod does:

This mod tries to explain his out-of-character behaviour. The man who tries to kill Roche, Ves and Thaler is in fact not Dijkstra. It is a Doppler!
Why he does that? Who knows? Geralt killed him before even asking so I guess we'll never know.
Is this a cheap solution? Yes, of course!
Is it a better than what we have in the vanilla game? Well, at least to me.

The false Dijkstra now drops a Doppler mutagen and a note has been added in the „Characters“-Section.
The additional journal entry works with German and English versions of the game.

3. How to install / uninstall:

Copy everything inside the "install" folder in your Witcher 3 main directory.

1) Delete the folder "mod__dijkstra_doppler" inside your mods folder.
2) Copy everything inside the"uninstall" folder in your Witcher 3 main directory.

4. Known Issues:
The character description may not be updated if you have another mod that edits strings that are already in the game.
The Skill decription of "Heightened Tolerance" gets messed up and I can't seem to fix this.

5. Credits:
This idea was suggested by someone in the forums sometime ago but I don't find the thread anymore
so unfortunately I can't credit him/her for the idea...
Special Thanks to  svulv for the polish translation and ziraelxx for the russian translation.

6. Updates:

- Added polish and russian translation
- Improved the mod structure, making it easier to uninstall the mod

- Dijkstra's Doppler now drops an additional 'Doppler Trophy'