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  1. rfuzzo
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    === UPDATE 0.6.1 ===

    * Dump CR2W To Text:
    - New form which recurses through provided directory of CR2W files, and dumps them to a text file in a human-readable format. This will allow the user to use standard text tools to search any number of entities, eg to find relationships.
    * Progress Bars
    - added a file loading progress backgroundworker
    * Tga texture extraction
    - auto-extract (convert) to TGA instead of DDS
    - added extract extensions (png, bmp, jpg)
    * Radish Tool support
    * cr2w custom class support

    * ModExplorer overhaul
    * many bugfixes

  2. amirchem
    • supporter
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    When I unpack texture.cache from my mod, the resulted textures (png images) show wacky colors. Not same as original. I dont understand. Someone please help
  3. BigBadBam
    • member
    • 30 posts
    • 4 kudos I'm getting this error message any time I try to work in wolven kit now. How do I fix it?
  4. xTallicor
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    Hello erveryone...
    Does anyone knows the file location of the skellig card deck in wolvenkit? The file "def_gwint_final.xml " doesnt contain the skellig deck, only Nilfgaard, Northern realms, monsters and Scoia'tael. 

    Sorry for my bad english. 
  5. maxugly
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    I dontwant to buy Witcher 3, but it is making me find a directory for it. i only want to mod Cyberpunk, I got the newest version of this tool. Do I really have to buy Wicher 3 to be able to mod cyberpunk? can anyone help me?
    1. RadoWitch
      • member
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      You installed the wrong one search for wolvenkit cyberpunk 
  6. RadoWitch
    • member
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    hello thanks for this app but i have problem right now and when i click on the (add file from bundle) not working and i would be appreciataded if you help me pleas
  7. Hurty5
    • member
    • 25 posts
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    This question might have more to do with creating TW3 mods in general, than WolvenKit.
    Yesterday I created this mod simply by uncommenting a conditional statement in a .ws file.

    Now I want to make it a bit more complex?. Basically, I want to check if Geralt has a certain potion buff(Perhaps I could call player.hasBuff( Tawny_Owl_Potion).) and I want to remove an ingredient from the inventory (maybe player.inventory... I can only guess).

    Since there are no docs I could explore (or IntelliSense suggestions :D), I don't know how to do that.

    So I wanted to check if there's a tool to help modify scripts and I found WolvenKit.
    But I'm not even able to open the necessary .ws files.
    Does the 'Asset Browser' even search for script files?
    I'm not even sure if WolvenKit is the right tool.

    It would be great if someone could point me to some resources to help me. 
  8. spiral10
    • member
    • 31 posts
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    Export feature doesn't work, the program just does nothing when I click on it. I also tried the WolvenKit version on github but it never asked me for a witcher 3 folder and there wasn't even any option for it in the settings, only cyberpunk.
    1. gotaimin
      • member
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      Currently the latest Wolvenkit for the Witcher 3 is ver.7.0.3.
    2. spiral10
      • member
      • 31 posts
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      I went and got it, but it messes up creating w2meshes and xbms, as well as exporting textures. The files come up being a mess and the log always shows a ton of errors doing any action. This program is basically only good for packing in my case.
    3. helhunter
      • member
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      spiral10 idk if youre checking these comments but you need the whole unbundled uncooked game content in your wcclite r4game folder, then exporting works.
  9. Akira1364
    • premium
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    Does anyone know how exactly the Radish integration in WolvenKit 0.6 - actually works? Where does the Radish stuff actually go specifically in order for the "Radish Utility" button to do anything at all?
  10. fernfield225849420
    • member
    • 32 posts
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    How do you generate buffers0.bundle and texture.cache?
    I have a mod that includes w2mesh and xbm, but it doesn't generate them.
    I have the pack texture cache checked.
  11. nikoligrimm
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    Nicely done.