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This just changes the Gwent cards to make Geralt's friends and sorceress' more usable.
Other cards have been changed to compensate a bit.

Permissions and credits
Neutral Cards:
Triss is now a power 7 nurse (Yennefer's equal)
Regis is a power 5 scorch
Vesimir adds 1 to all units in the row
Zoltan now has a tight bond with Yarpin and Sheldon from the Northern Deck

Northern Realms:
Roche now summons Ves, but is dropped to power 7
Phillipa now summons Sile, Sabrina, and Kiera who have a tight bond power 4 (Similar to Cerys in the Skellige deck)
Yarpin Zigrin and Sheldon Skaggs power 3 have a tight bond with Zoltan Chivay power 5
Crinfid Reavers & the Dun Banner Medic have been dropped to power 4
Blue Stripes Commandos have been dropped to power 2
John Natalis has been dropped to power 8

Assire var Anahid and Fringilla Vigo have a tight bond and the Young Emissaries have their tight bond removed.
Cynthia is now a spy instead or Shilard.
Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach is now 10 and one of the black archers is 6

Yaevinn now adds 1 to all in row.
Toruviel is now a power 2  horn.
Ida Emean is now power 7