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AutoLoots eliminates the tedious loot interface and helps you by automatically looting the items you set it to loot!

Permissions and credits
 This mod does its best to eliminate the tedious loot popup. Using customizable filters you can automatically loot whatever you want from containers, or manually loot things you might not want.

 Check out AeroHD's Configurable All-In-One version of this mod, which has been updated more recently, and contains an in-game configuration menu / some new features.

Compatible with the latest Witcher 3 patch!
 Thanks Gopher for including my mod in his mod showcase! (AutoLoot appears at 6:52)

Check this thread on info on how to customize filters!
  • No Accidental Stealing: does not auto-steal.
  • Containers with only X items in themuse this filter to loot containers with X items in them, or less than/more than X items in them.
  • Weight Filteruse this item filter to autoloot items of a certain weight.

  • Herbs Filter: auto loots herbs (ingredients).
  • Armors Filterauto loots armors.
  • Weapons Filterauto loots weapons.
  • Oils filter: auto loots oils.
  • Foodstuff filter: auto loots food and drinks.
 Install Instructions
Using Nexus Mod Manager:
 Click on Download (NMM).

1. Download the version you want.
2. Extract modAutoLoot to your The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt\mods folder (create it if you do not have it!)
3. Start the game and wait for the scripts to compile.

    For the AutoLoot in Radius feature:
Open the Documents > Witcher 3 > input.settings file.
       Under the [Exploration] category add:
       also add the same thing under the [Swimming] and under the [Horse] category. You can also add it under the  [Exploration_Replacer_Ciri] or under the  [Diving] section if you want radius loot to work as Ciri or when diving.

Replace the IK_U with any other key you want, eg. IK_A, IK_LeftTrigger;
For Radius Loot to work in combat, remove these lines:

if( thePlayer.IsInCombat())

in the modAutoLoot/Content/Scripts/Mod/ file.

 Uninstall Instructions:
 NMM: delete the mod;
 Manual install: delete the modAutoLoot folder.

 You can / should remove any custom keybinds from your input.settings file too.

 How to customize:
  Except for the filters, all features of the mod can be changed in  the modAutoLoot\Content\Scripts\mod\AutoLoot\ file!

function AL_NotificationTime() : float
return 5000.0; // This number is in milliseconds

function AL_EnableNotificationColor() : bool
return true; // Set this to 'false' to disable notification colors

function AL_EnableNotificationQuantity() : bool
return true; // Set this to 'false' to disable notification item quantity display

function AL_EnableOnKillLoot() : bool
return true; // Set this to 'false' to disable on kill looting

function AL_EnableRadiusLoot() : bool
return true; // Set to 'false' to disable radius looting

function AL_RadiusLootMaxDistance() : float
return 15.0; // Set this to limit radius loot range

function AL_RadiusLootMaxContainersAtOnce() : int
return 5; // How many containers to be looted at once

function AL_LootSoundEnabled() : bool
return true; // Whether the game will play a sound or not.

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 Future Plans
  None for now, mod is feature-complete.

 Thanks CD Projekt Red for an AWESOME game and the ModKit!
 Thanks user mcguffin for the item quality and item quantity code!