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Adds 15 leather headbands to hold back Geralt's hair.

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Leather Headbands

1. What this mod does:

This mod adds 15 headbands that can be worn around the head just like Geralt does in Sapkowski's novels to hold back his hair.
These headbands come in different quality levels and offer up to three new slots for glyphs or one glyphword.

You can only wear one headband at the time. If you equip more than one, your inventory will be updated as soon as you close it.

I recommend using this mod together with "Geralt Cinematic Hair insted of Dlc 2 or 3" by Feregorn since I designed it with that hairstyle in mind but it also looks decent with most other hairstyles.

Note: If you like the visual aspect of the mod but don't want the balancing to be affected by the addition of glyph slots and witcher set bonus pieces I recommend the Optional File "Leather Headbands - No Balancing Impacts".

2. How to install / uninstall:

Unpack headband.rar and copy everything inside into your Witcher 3 main directory.
IMPORTANT: Please run Script Merger to resolve possible conflicts. If you encounter any issues or if you don't want the game balance to be less affected and merely want the visual aspect of the mod, you can install just the DLC part of the mod. That way, you wont be able to mount glyphs or glyphwords onto your headbands.

To uninstall, just delete the dlc__headband folder in your DLC folder and the  mod__headbandfolder in your mods folder.

3. Book quote that inspired this change:

„His hair was white as milk, plastered to his forehead by a leather headband, and he wore a black jacket covered in silver studs, as well as heavy boots.
Above his right shoulder shone the pommel of his sword which he wore across his back.“

-Andrzej Sapkowski: Time of Contempt

4. How to obtain:

Different coloured headbands are sold by merchants all over the world. It's recommended to come back to a merchant every once in a while because the quality of the headbands he'll offer depends on the player level.
Some of the merchant that sell headbands: Nilfgaardian quartermaster, Baron's quartermaster, Elihal, Sjusta, Pierre and many others.

In Blood and WIne you will also be able to buy crafting schematics for special witcher quality headbands. These headbands always have three glyph slots and count as set pieces for the according set. The diagrams are sold by Pierre (the tailor in Beauclair).
Note: There is also a Raven Set headband that works well with my Raven Armor Set. This mod is not required though.

5. Credits:

Thanks to LordMazour for translating this mod for Czech versions of the game