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Adds lightnings (and other FXs) to the game during storms.

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If you're sensitive to flashing lights, you should NOT install/use this mod.

Some time ago I was working on a similar mod (and I even posted some pics/gifs about it) but I got bored and set everything aside. Then some days ago I decided to rework it from the base and here it is.

Little warning : The mod can (and surely will) be glitchy. I have made a menu in case you want to disable "features" to keep glitches at a minimum. If you think these glitches are not worth it, feel free to uninstall the mod.

So let's get to it: This base mod adds lightning FX (bright flashes in the area) to simulate lightnings. You can enable bolts and then with each light flash a lightning bolt will spawn in a random area around you (that can also be set in the menu. I suggest not leaving those at 0 lol). I also added a randomness toggle, which makes the spawn of bolts and following FXs random. (they won't spawn every single time).
Then you can enable Hit FXs, which will spawn a different fx wether the lightning landed on terrain or water ( again, it won't be 100% correct, I tried my best to keep it working most of the times). You can set the duration of the land FX in the menu aswell, to a maximum of 60 seconds.
I also added a camera shake when the lightning strikes next to you (which can be disabled aswell or tweaked to some degree).
Lastly I wanted to make it more "interactive" instead of it being only a visual FX. So, NPCS are players are affected aswell. Nothing too fancy, but I like it :)

Menu option explanation:

Mod status = you can enable and disable the mod here.
Bolt FX = enables spawning of lightning bolt fx
Add randomness to bolt fx = it will make the spawning of all fx random (they won't appear with every single light flash)
Flash Light mode = you can choose between low, medium, strong or random. If you choose a specific one, it will ALWAYS use that one, if you choose random it will use randomly all 3 different lights.

Spawn Area
MinX, MinY, MaxX, MaxY = this are the coords that the script will use to spawn the FX. If you leave them at 0, the FXs will spawn directly on player's position. So if you put minX = -5, maxX = 5, the FXs will spawn inside that distance (at random). Same for Y.
MaxZ = Same thing as above, just for the height of the light FX (Bolts and HitFX are NOT affected by this option).

World FXs
Visual Fx on Hit = enables the spawning of the corrisponding FX whenever the bolt hits the terrain (or water)
Duration of FIre FX = you can choose how long the fire FX will stay in the world, up to 60 seconds.

Camera Shake FX
Camera Shake Status = enables /disables camera shake
Strenght = how strong the FX will be
Distance = if you put this high, the camera will shake even if the lightning spawns farther from you.

NPCS and Players Reactions
Stauts = enables /disables player and NPCS reactions and effects.

Thanks Linas for this awesome video!! Check his youtube channel!

Installation : extract the zip and drop it into your W3 directory.

Limezero : he helped me so much with this mod, really grateful to him
SkacikPL : answered some questions about scripts I was having