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Adds lightnings (and other small related FXs) to the game during storms. Next Gen compatible.

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Since I was updating the mod for Next gen, I decided to rewrite the description a bit. The mod was not changed, just simply updated the scripts.
This mod adds a lightning effect during storm weathers. It works by spawning a light around the player at random times in an area set in the mod menu. It also adds a bolt effect (it is vanilla, I didn't create it) and an impact effect for both ground and water. Water creates splashes and ground creates rocks flying and then a fire that lasts as long as you want, to a max of 60s. I then decided to add some very simple interaction with the player and NPCs and a camera shake FX for immersion. Since this mod is basically a giant hack, this can be all toggled on or off in the menu to keep glitches at a minimum.

How to install : extract the zip and drop it into your W3 directory.

How to install for next gen: extract the zip and read the README included in the next gen file. You need to edit 2 files to make the mod menu show up.

Quick mod menu variables explanation:

Mod status = you can enable and disable the mod here.
Bolt FX = enables spawning of lightning bolt fx
Add randomness to bolt fx = it will make the spawning of all fx random (they won't appear with every single light flash)
Flash Light mode = you can choose between low, medium, strong or random. If you choose a specific one, it will ALWAYS use that one, if you choose random it will use randomly all 3 different lights.

Spawn Area
MinX, MinY, MaxX, MaxY = this are the coords that the script will use to spawn the FX. If you leave them at 0, the FXs will spawn directly on player's position. So if you put minX = -5, maxX = 5, the FXs will spawn inside that distance (at random). Same for Y.
MaxZ = Same thing as above, just for the height of the light FX (Bolts and HitFX are NOT affected by this option).

World FXs
Visual Fx on Hit = enables the spawning of the corrisponding FX whenever the bolt hits the terrain (or water)
Duration of FIre FX = you can choose how long the fire FX will stay in the world, up to 60 seconds.

Camera Shake FX
Camera Shake Status = enables /disables camera shake
Strenght = how strong the FX will be
Distance = if you put this high, the camera will shake even if the lightning spawns farther from you.

NPCS and Players Reactions

Stauts = enables /disables player and NPCS reactions and effects.

Now, I've seen many comments about NPCs reactions so I decided to make a couple of gifs to showcase them a bit.

How to add custom weathers from lighting mods or weather mods to my script


Thanks Linas for this awesome video!! Check his youtube channel!

Limezero : he helped me so much with this mod, really grateful to him
SkacikPL : answered some questions about scripts I was having