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Disables Hairworks on Geralt (Hair & Beard) for two reasons.
1. Some people (like me) do not like the quality and way HW is used on Geralt.
2. To reduce performance impact by only using HW on Animals and Monsters.

I've added an optional file, that enables HW Beard only.

Permissions and credits
For anyone who maybe wants a perfect working Version with really no HW for Geralt (Hair & Beard), this Mod is the one to go. It is recommended to use it with both DLC's installed (I don't know if it would work flawless without them). It only enables HW for everything else, but completely not Geralt. Just extract the downloaded file and put it in the mods-folder (if not already there, create one in your Witcher-Gamefolder) and enjoy! No other downloads or files needed. Works also for the DLC-Hairstyles. In the options, set HW to ON and depending on your specs, you could also add AA and raise the HW-Quality, of course. Run Script Merger to see if there are conflicts, but there shouldn't be any.

GREAT: for a huge perfomance improvement when playing on Ultra-Settings, use Tweaks-Mod from TookaFace and set Cascade Shadowmap Size from 3072 to 2048 and also raise the Texture Memory Budget from 800 to 1600 (should be fine for a 4GB Graphics Card) or even 3200 (should be fine for a 8GB+Graphics Card). With these two changes, especially the first one, you will get a lot of FPS, even with my Haiworks-Mod enabled, set to 2x AA and Quality set to High.

The downgrade from 3072 to 2048 is visually barely noticeable, so you won't get the feeling of missing some quality but will benefit from a lot more FPS. Even if you're using the optional file of this mod, which allows Hairworks for the Beard only, you will not notice a performance drop, as I've tested it on my i7 6700K and a GTX 1070.

I've added an optional Version which enables Hairworks-Beard only.

Bugs of Main Version:
Three of the DLC-Beards are still having Haiworks for some reason. And the Beard-Growth is bugged in Stage 2 and possibly 3, as it overjumps these stages.
The step from just a mustache to a nearly finished full Beard is too big.

Bugs of Optional Version:
After shaving and Beard-Growth starts, it is the same bug as in the Main Version, but with a little difference. Stage 2 and possibly 3 of the Beard are overjumped, but, in this case, the first stages of Beard-Growth are having NO Hairworks, from step 4-5 on, the Beard-Growth is using Hairworks again.

I would really appreciate it and be thankful if someone could help fixing these bugs, of course, I will give him/her credit.

That's all.

Have fun!