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Last updated at 13:22, 13 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 13:22, 13 Oct 2017

I play with Ghost Mode and Preparations mods, yet enjoying them in full brings some trouble. It is nearly impossible to play with Preparations in "full recipe" potion refill mode, as there are simply not enough needed monster components in the world. Alchemy Dealer solves this problem for a vanilla game, as it is not compatible with Ghost Mode (overwrites too many store records). 

Now AGM (Addon for Ghost Mode) Alchemy Dealers fixes this problem. 

1. All specific (i.e. Rotfiend blood but not Monster heart) ingredients are added to 2 traders.
2. Around 40% of them are sold by halfling herbalist in southern Novigrad, another 60% - by his buddy northeast from Oxenfurt. Their monster part stocks do not have anything in common, so you'll need to visit both to see all assortment of it.
3. Monster mutagens and generic (red, green and blue) mutagens are NOT for sale, so you'll still need to hunt for them yourself.

My reason in leaving mutagens alone is that knowledge about them is a very specific thing and knowledge how to harvest them is really rare. Some experienced hunter can cut a heart from a golem or a claw from a harpy - but to harvest a mutagen from a griffin or a nekker is entirely different thing. Also i believe specific mutagens should work like reusable catalysts for decoctions, unlike potions which should consume all ingredients, and Preparations refill modes "exclude mutagen" and "full recipe" cater to this idea.

1. Just drop modAGMAlchDealers into your Witcher 3/Mods folder.
2. Script Merger is not needed as this mod is XML only.
3. Do not merge XML files anyway.
4. AGM Alchemy Dealers will take precedence over Ghost Mode, so stores of those 2 traders will be updated leaving all the beauty of Ghost Mode intact.
5. It can be used standalone without any problems.

Thanks to CDProject Red and authors of Ghost Mode and Alchemy Dealer.