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Give a cloak to Geralt that looks like in a cinematic trailers & storybooks.

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Give a cloak to Geralt that looks like in a cinematic trailers & storybooks. This mod serves to make the game more immersive. Now, you can cover Geralt from rain, cold, & his identity as a witcher. 

How to Use:

Press 8 to wear & unwear the hood.
Press 9 to wear & unwear the cape.
You can change the buttons in Options/Key Bindings

1. Compatible with the latest update (1.30-1.31) (GOTY/Non-GOTY)
2. Cloak Toggleable on Foot, Horse, Boat, Swim, Dive, and Cutscene
3. Added Cloak Toggle Buttons in Options/Key Bindings
4. Added Alternative Model for Geralt Cloak

5. Added 3 Cloak Recolor files for Original Geralt Cloak
(Brown Cloak, Dark Black Cloak, & Light Gray Cloak)
6. Added animation when toggling Geralt Cloak (only on foot)

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed (Geralt hair back to Default after toggling the hood)
2. Fixed (Cape & Hood don't change colors after installing recoloring file)
3. Fixed (Cloak disappear after loading a save game)
4. Fixed (Cloak disappear after traveling between regions)
5. Fixed (Compatibility with Complete Animation mod)
6. Recolored 2 neck circles on Original Geralt Cloak

"Key Bindings Options" will overwrite existing "input.xml" file. Don't download "Key Bindings Options" if you have custom keys from other mods installed. You need to install them manually if you have do.

(Skip this step if you don't have custom keys from other mods)
"Key Bindings Options" Manual Install:
1. Copy the lines below:
<!-- Geralt Cloak -->
<Var builder="Input" id="ToggleHood" displayName="GC_ToggleHood" displayType="INPUTPC" actions="HoodToggle" />
<Var builder="Input" id="ToggleCape" displayName="GC_ToggleCape" displayType="INPUTPC" actions="CapeToggle" />
<!-- Geralt Cloak -->

2. Open "input.xml" on (...Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc)

3. Paste the lines under <!-- [BASE_CharacterMovement] -->

4. Save "input.xml"

1. Download "Geralt Cloak" & put all "mod............." folders to (...\Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods)

2. Download "Key Bindings Options" & put "bin" folder to (...\Witcher 3 Wild Hunt)
(If you don't have custom keys from other mods, otherwise install them manually!)

3. Copy the lines below:


4. Open "input.settings" on (Documents\The Witcher 3)

5. Paste the copied lines under [Boat] , [Combat] , [Diving] , [Exploration] , [Horse] , [Swimming] , [Scene]

6. Save "input.settings"

Cloak Models:
1. Geralt Cloak (Original)
This is the original model that most closely resembles Dirty Black Cloak that is always worn by Geralt in cinematic trailer. Geralt swords & crossbow are more visible on this cloak model. This version also supports Cloak Recoloring. The problem is that the cloak clips through Geralt's shoulders. (I use this one in my game)

2. Geralt Cloak (Alternative Model)
Since there are so many people complaining about the cloak clipping through Geralt's shoulders in the original version, i added alternative Geralt Cloak model. This model doesn't clip through Geralt's shoulders, however the cape's position is more backward therefore Geralt's swords & crossbow are harder to see because they are covered by the it. This version is available only in Dark Black color & doesn't support Cloak Recoloring.

Cloak Recolor:
Don't like the Original Cloak color? This mod have 3 Cloak Recolor that you can downloads !
Brown Cloak
Dark Black Cloak
Light Gray Cloak

Just follow the steps below for "Cloak Recolor" installation:

1. Delete "modGeraltCloak" folder in (...\Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods)
2. Download "Cloak Recolor" and put all "mod..........." folder to (...\Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods)

- Use Witcher 3 Mod Manager, for easy installation.
- This mod might have conflicts with other mods, so use "Script Merger" to solve them.
- Hood color is red after installing (the problem comes from conflict with other texture mods), try to reinstall the mod or change the load order, giving this mod a priority.
- If having problems after updating to the newest version, toggle the cape and hood off, save and then reload that save game again to make it work properly.

Known Issues:

-The Cape doesn't 100% match the cloak from the trailer.
-The Cape clips through Geralt's shoulders, weapons, boat, and horse. (This issues can't be fix!)

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