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A lightweight combat overhaul focused on NPCs' AI improvements and tweaks, replaces the vanilla combat animations.

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A lightweight combat overhaul focused on NPCs' and monsters' AI improvements and tweaks, replaces the vanilla combat animations.

In vanilla, enemies don't have adequate stamina costs for their attacks and dodges and their blocking and 
countering mechanics are notoriously weak, also, relative to their weaker counterparts, higher level enemies offer no recognizable difference or challenge with their combat behavior, besides, several combat-related AI bugs exist that diminish immersion; all of the above issues have been addressed.

Generally, more challenging, smart and natural fights should be expected after installing this mod.

  • Improved NPC and monster stamina management
  • Improved NPC and monster blocking and countering mechanics
  • Improved NPC and monster dodging mechanic
  • Increased NPC and monster aggression
  • NPC combat animations and skills are now commensurate to its equipment and level
  • NPC wielding two-handed weapons will no longer approach their enemies slowly
  • NPC wielding longswords will now use more combat animations, more appropriately
  • NPC archers will no longer run towards their enemies with their ranged weapons drawn

Manual Installation:
  • Download only one of the main files
  • Copy the folder/s inside the archive to The Witcher 3 main directory
  • Run Script Merger and merge as needed

P.S. Enemies of Rivia is targeted at 1.31 GOTY version and may not be compatible with previous versions
P.S.2 The animations' version will generate .crashlog files upon exit of Witcher 3.exe, should be fixable and has no downsides
 - Complete Animations by stefan3372 (THE KING OF ANIMATIONS and author of the only The Witcher 3 mods installer available)
 - Better Combat Animations by Warburg
 - E3DodgeSystem (fixed version available from its forums) by DreLL47
 - Geralt Cloak by anakmonyet
 - Grass from The Shire by Boostin4kix

 - Ghost Mode by wghost81
 - W3EE - The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition by Reaperrz

The original contents of Enemies of Rivia were created by Reaperrz and are now published, with modifications, here with his consent

Part or all of the contents of this mod may be included in W3EE

The contents of Enemies of Rivia cannot be modified and uploaded at or anywhere else prior to obtaining the permission of BlackHole11