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  1. tattablack
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    Can I just use the modSlideEverywhere ? Has anyone else encountered a bug like this ?
  2. Vra5ka
    • member
    • 31 posts
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    Complilation is great! The sketeboard one is essential if you can't merge "Galloping in settlements" and "RDR horse movement" mods.
    There is bugs still:
    1. When you slide in skateboard stance and attempt jump - you can be instant killed (like you jump from great hight - I have "No heigh dmg" mod , still die instantly if jump from maximum speed to lower surface)
    2. HUGE BUG. Faster Swimming mod one literally prevents you to see Character screen (Abilities menu, where you choose perks and ab's) - menu show's up, but it's empty, and can't be swithed to another (left or right to choose another tab) (no merge conflicts from this one - its not even shows up)
  3. SuperRoxxapo
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    Holy hell, this mod is pretty much a necessity for me from now on.
    Very cheesey and unrealistic, so if that's what you were looking for this mod might not be for you, but I strongly recommend everyone at least try it out.

    A quick summary for anyone that didn't read the description.
    If you jump and hold the jump button, Geralt will slide like he does when going down a steep hill. You can do this anywhere. If you jump while sliding and initiate another slide you will go even faster.
    The mod also increases swim speed and your slide momentum carries into swimming. You can fire your crossbow underwater while moving.
    The default movement system is also changed for more responsiveness. It doesn't look quite as fluid, but it feels way better to play with the new movement system.
  4. zzbumbumzz01
    • member
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    how toin vanilla, geralt chooses his attack based on
    1) the attack type (light, heavy)
    1. bobbehyz
      • supporter
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      y es
  5. Z3Hid
    • member
    • 30 posts
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    I guess we can call this way of travel = Roach-boarding.
  6. SofakingDad
    • member
    • 21 posts
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    Love this mod !!! so much fun to take a break from the usual ways of getting around. The swim fast mod is slow boat for me ! I just downloaded it using vortex mod manager and voila it worked..thank you.  
  7. Xialoh
    • member
    • 159 posts
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    I'm surprised this isn't more popular. May not be the most immersion friendly thing ever, but it's ridiculously fun/convenient, and didn't conflict with any of my 100+ mods..suppose we'll see if it actually ends up breaking anything later on though lol.
  8. deleted83603438
    • account closed
    • 6 posts
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    This mod not only will it eliminate the boringness of during the move, you can enjoy the TW3's realistic and beautiful field more than enjoy just with the eyes. A very good mod.
  9. rex228228
    • member
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    как удалить мод ?
  10. xDragonShark
    • member
    • 12 posts
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    would it be possible to make it that geralt could skate on water? so if you land in water you just continue skating, that'd be neat