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New running/jumping/sliding/swimming movement along with predictable attacks.

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This is a collection of mods I made a while back for a no fast travel playthrough, some of them might depend on each other in strange ways, so while some can mostly work independently I didn't want to test every combination or have complicated dependencies/requirements for each.

modSlideEverywhere (Video):
    replaces sliding and modifies jumping
    hold jump while landing to start sliding
        you don't need to keep holding it once sliding starts
        you can still tap B *before* landing to roll
    you will continue to slide until you hold A to exit to a run (or fall if mid-air) or hit B to jump out of it (you can start your jump in mid-air)
    geralt is not attached to the ground while sliding, but will take no fall damage in the sliding state
        he can take fall damage when jumping though, and fall damage calculation is untouched from vanilla: no matter how high you jump, you won't take damage as long as you land at the same elevation or higher
    use DLC/DLCSlideParticles for the particle effects at his feet
    known issues:
        if geralt manages to get out of view while jumping, which is hard to do accidentally, he will move at a significantly reduced framerate
        you can probably jump to places you ought not be
        you can rotate while jumping, but you must be facing objects to do the little kick collision with them
        ciri can't sheathe/unsheathe while sliding
        some npc spawn locations will be obvious
        sometimes if you are too fast too furious you will arrive at places before models load, never had a collision problem though
    replaces normal movement, overriding animation based translation/rotation with script
    this mod supersedes modFasterTurnSpeed
    known issues:
        you can move during some animations where you're supposed to be still (pulling lever, sitting at place of power, sit on cushion, probably more)
            just don't move and they'll work fine
        running alongside steep slopes is wonky and you'll often move faster than intended

modFasterSwimming (Video):
    replaces swimming movement
    the killer whale buff now grants a ridiculous speed boost
    known issues:
        you can get to places, deep places, you shouldn't go, where you can see things you shouldn't see
        sometimes he'll sort of surface twice
        if you swim toward land fast enough, you can exit the water faster than the transition animation
        swimming too fast on the surface in rough water can cause you to submerge and maybe kill your momentum?
    known features:
        you can move freely while firing the crossbow underwater
    makes Geralt's attacks predictable
    this mod includes Witcher 2 style combat movement by erxv
        this means geralt will use normal out of combat movement while in combat (except when blocking)
        it also disables soft-lock-on, but leaves hard-lock-on enabled
    in vanilla, geralt chooses his attack based on
        1) the attack type (light, heavy)
        2) the distance to his soft-locked target (close, medium, far)
        3) the angle to his target (back, left, right, forward)
        4) the elevation difference/height difference/monster type (flying, short, mounted)
        5) geralt's current stance (left foot forward, right foot forward)
        6) and based on all previous information, it randomly picks from a pool of suitable attacks (and there are something like 80 different sword attack animations in all)
    in this mod, geralt chooses his attack based on
        1) the attack type (light, heavy)
        2) his last action (guard, dodge, roll, sprint, idle, or an attack)
        you will be able to know exactly which attack he will do
        the unarmed kick is spammably hilarious
        this mod uses only 14 of the 80ish different sword attack animations (7 for ciri since she doesn't heavy attack)
        the animations can look strange depending on how he rotates while performing them
    untested with rend and whirl

My only playthrough of blood & wine was with all of these mods and they worked pretty well:
B&W Slide Video
Spoilery: B&W Sword Combat Video and B&W Unarmed Combat Video