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About this mod

T.and.M makes enemies whose level is lower than Geralts to be more dangerous and red skull enemies to be easier (there's an alternative version with vanilla red skull enemies)

Permissions and credits

This mod was not created with the MODkit so it needs to be installed "old-school". It can't be installed using NMM either. 
This mod is meant for The Witcher 3 version 1.08, 1.08.1 and 1.08.2.

23.8.15 Update  - I added a "only Low enemies" version to 1.3, for those who wished for it. 
Also, a similar mod made by Advertise, that DOES allow easy installation with NMM, exists here:
The values are a little different and HIS mod makes enemies a tad harder than in my mod. 

Threatening and manageable – Enemy scaling mod
Version 01.3

First of all I want to give a huge thanks to Cronstinteinfor all of his guidance to the right values which helped me consentrate on
testing and tweaking.  Cronstintein, youda real MVP J
Also I want to credit Some1ne for helping me greatly in updating my mod from
1.06 to 1.07. you’re a life saver.

So What does this mod do??

Long story short:
This mod makes the enemies whose level is much lower than Geralt be more deadly
and enemies whose level is much higher than Geralt weaker, effectively making
most missions in the game doable no matter Geralts level.
This mod isn’t meant to make the game harder nor easier. It just means that
encountering low level enemies can still be deadly if not taken seriously and
high level creatures are manageable regardless of their level.

Long story… long:
Apparently The game categorizes all enemies as either LOW (whose level is far
below geralts), Normal (approximately around Geralts level), HIGH (far above
Geralt’s level, Marked with a red skull) and DEADLY (probably far FAR beyond
geralt’s level, though I haven’t tested this thoroughly yet).
The game took LOW enemies and REDUCED their damage output substantially making
even less of a threat than they should, and took HIGH enemies and multiplied
their damage and health by a lot, making them damage sponges who kill you in 2
What I did is was:

Humanoids -
--Low Human enemies get over a 100% boost in HP and 25% increase in damage to their vanilla base values.
--High humans (like town guards and militia) get 30% decrease in health from their base values (instead
of 300% increase in vanilla) and 20% decrease in damage from their base values.

Monsters -
--Low monsters get 30% increase in health and 20% increase in damage (instead
of -40% decrease from their base values in vanilla).
--High monsters get 20% increase in health (instead of the 350% in vanilla) and
10% increase in damage (instead of 120% in vanilla)
--Deadly monsters (I’m not even sure what qualifies as DEADLY yet) get 10%
health increase (instead of 800%) and 100% increase in damage (instead of

The FAIR version -
this version removes all penalties and buffs to humans and monsters. They are
exactly as weak or deadly as they are supposed to be.

Only LOW enemies version -
This version keeps the buffs enemies higher level than geralt get just like in
vanilla, but it makes the lower level enemies as strong as in the normal

I can mostly attest to my own experience as a level 25 geralt that even bandits
of level 7 in large enough groups can be deadly and that I could defeat a level
35 griffin in a few tries, though he’d still kill me in 2 swings and I needed
over 30 to kill him.

This mod is as simple as it gets. I intentionally didn’t add any other
balancing tweaks because I expect others who want to make the game harder or
easier will use other mods besides this one for the majority of their tweaks.
This mod is complimentary and if you already use other more extensive mods than
install this mod after you installed theirs. It will overwrite the
monster_base_abl_new.xml and opp_base_abl.xml files.

there are two files that need to be installed.
the humanoid changes are located in the folder called “patch”.
1) Place all the files in the PATCH folder inside
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\content\patch0\bundles
2) Run the mod_install_bundleExplorer.bat to install the mod. (the installation
process will create a patch.bundle.bak file automatically). This can take up to 30 seconds.

the monsters changes are located in the folder called “xml”.
1) place all the files in the XML folder inside
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\content\content0\bundles
2) Run the mod_install_bundleExplorer.bat to install the mod. (the installation
process will create a xml.bundle.bak file automatically)

1)  Delete the patch.bundle.bak and\or xml.bundle.bak created by the installation process. Each of these files
will be located in the same place where you have the mod_uninstall_bundleExplorer.bat  file.
2)  Now you can either installa different version of the mod or continue to uninstall.
3)  Run the mod_uninstall_bundleExplorer.batto restore the original game file. This bat file is in the folders where you
extracted the files in the installation process.
* In order for the installation program to work (bundle-explorer) you need java:

* if you want to install the mod using QuickBMS than you can navigate the folders of the mod all the way down to the xml file at its end. copy that file and paste it over the file of the same name located in in the older version of the mod (v1.0) and overwrite. then install the old version that now contains the new xml files. 

Since Cronstintein is the reason this mod exists I give a link to his mod which
does some scaling changes and other , deeper, balancing for the game. Check it
out if you wish:
Improved scaling:

Since aroth is the one how helped me with bundle-explorer and the updating of the mod than he deserves other looking at his own mods:
Unrestricted Witcher (and Crafting) Gear v2:
Unrestricted Wolf School Gear: