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This mod is a slight retexture for Geralt. Now, the expression of Geralt is more threatening and lore-friendly.pale skin(no vesemir version xD), the best Striga Scar on Nexus Mods and much more...

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This mod has the purpose to modify some aspects (texture) of Geralt.
Reading the books I always imagined that Geralt with a fierce expression ... is a ruthless killer monster ... not Santa Claus. These are subtle changes that do not alter the expression of Geralt.

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Greetings Witchers,
The new version of TBOB  is live. .. I remember when I released this mod more than three years ago .... since then incredible steps have been taken, a lot of hours spent to improve Geralt's appearance, but looking at this new version I have to say that it was worth.
With this new version The Butcher of Blaviken mod has reached its peak, so with the good news of the new version I add a "bad news".
The "bad news" is: The current result that the mod has reached satisfies me in full, a clear improvement over the vanilla version, but still faithful to the CDPR version, something that many Geralt mods do not (they alter the appearance too much , distorting it .. Geralt too young or too old .. TBOB keeps the age of Geralt CDPR-Friendly XD) .. for this reason I interrupt here the development of TBOBmod ... obviously I will continue to update all the versions to Final Version .. I ask you just a little patience. Obviously this interruption can be revoked if bugs or some relevant improvement are found.

Enjoy Final Version :)

 --------------------------------------------- ----------------

Endorse, leave feedback, thanks for the support.

Feedbacks of players
rikijao Thank you for this mod and the newest update! Best striga scar I've seen yet
BWGames I must say that this is definetly one of the best texture mod for geralt, just great!
TheWitcher808  Excellent mod truly outstanding! Endorsed wonderful work!
LukeSparow Mod's looking really great! Better and better all the time. Especially love what you did with the eyebrows
Eodart My new favorite Geralt retexture!
gabsuvius So played with it a while than I removed it cos I didnt notice any big
difference, when I loaded again the vanilla something wos missing... and
I just realised how big impact this mod had on the visuals even if I
didnt pay to much attention to geralt face before, I put back the mod
and now I really see how big difference tiny details make for me, the
dialogues dont feel boring anymore. This mod makes the game unplayable
for me if I remove it, thats how awesome this mod is. Mostly came back
to endorse ur mods.
RedPlatinum  This mod is phenomenal. Seriously, one of the best retextures I've seen for any game.
gabsuvius  So played with it "a while" than I... now joke aside without quoting myself from your mod description, I must honestly say that I am using
you'r mod since you'r first version I think, and here we are on final version, every time I am reinstalling witcher 3 this mod is always first to download, you made the closest book Geralt, and I want to thank you once again for that. Without this mod I would have skipped cutscenes and dialogues, and this says a lot, because I finished this game dozens of times and I think I pushed over 800 hours on it lol

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