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Move books further to the end of inventory.

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Warning: this mod was useful only before patch 1.07. In patch 1.07 the inventory was enhanced considerably, so the original problem with books does not exist anymore.

All books, contracts and notices will be placed after potions, so you no longer need to scroll through screen or two (or five) of books while searching for that Swallow or Blizzard.

Known problem:
Books can't be dropped anymore. Not a big problem because you still can sell them.

You probably should backup "patch.bundle" somewhere safe before applying mods. Don't backup it inside game folder, this may cause problems (like endless loading screen).

1. Extract contents of archive into "\content\patch0\bundles\" in your game folder.
2. Run "books_order_install.bat".

1. Run "books_order_uninstall.bat" or restore patch.bundle from the backup.