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Speeds up (mostly combat-related) animations with some other adjustments.

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For patches 1.31 and GOTY 1.31, but may work on 1.22.

Gonna start merging old patch notes/small changes since they they only make the page messy.

(2.25.17) Changes for 1.5:

Another small'ish update and some new animations added. I haven't really found anything major to add or adjust so this might be considered the final version, unless I make some lucky discovery while tinkering around with stuff. Until then, taking a break.

- Increased the forward dash range by just a small amount.

- Removed the special camera used when charging up Rend so the player has control over the cam when using it 

- Crossbow reload: increased by 40%.

- Added a separate file for alternate backdash animations, slightly adjusted to function the same as the default ones. Just a flavor change.


Animation speed increases:

- Combat walk: 40% (guard-walk unchanged)

- Roll/Dodge: 25/45% 

- Fist dodge: 40%

- Bomb throwing about 80% faster (action separated by 2 animations, increased by 50%/30%; reaching for bomb, then throwing).

- Animation speed for the automatic turns Geralt performs when he isn't facing his enemy (due to dodging/rolling, etc) is doubled. 

- When sprinting in any other direction besides forwards during combat, Geralt first has to turn. Those animations increased by 50% (minor change).

- Wakeup animation after being knocked out by guards increased by 70% (for those that frequently like to start trouble). Use this mod here to scale them down and avoid coin loss on K.O.

Misc Changes:

- Combat/Guard walk stopping is now instant; no more brief shuffling around after a stop.

- By default, 2 animations are used for forward dashing. One stutters noticeably more than the other when playing at higher framerates. Removed it. 

- Stopping after sprinting is almost instant now. Also allows for tighter turns while sprinting (not aimed at combat).

- On parry, Geralt either performs a kick or shoulder push. Removed the shoulder version since it's not as smooth or fast as the kick.

- Removed some guard animations so Geralt won't shuffle around as much while guard-walking (visual only).

- Replaced the fast attacks used at med-far distances (which are a bit slower) with short-ranged ones for all directions. This includes the slow forward-direction pirouette attacks Geralt performs. Use heavy for gap-closer attacks. Delete "" if you don't want this change.

Overall, combat should feel more responsive with a better sense of spacing/control:

Backdash comparisons:

"" is sometimes used in other mods, so be sure to check for conflicts via the merger.

Any modders with questions, feel free to ask. 

If replacing animations yourself is something you have interest in, check out my guide here.

If you find that human enemies are now too slow to be a challenge, feel free to try out another mod of mine: Skilled Humans

RECOMMENDED: If you're looking for more changes to make non-combat control/movement feel more precise: Faster Turn Speed  by Eutirion.