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(Updated 17 June) Wild Hunt Re-Engaged a ReShade that is adaptive and changes preset based on location. Presets for both Wiedzmin Lighting and STLM. My goal was bluer skies, darker green grass, remove yellow tint from lighting and bring slightly darker nights/interiors. You will find some weathers colorful while others dark and gloomy.

Permissions and credits
Wild Hunt Re-Engaged
Traditional/Adaptive Versions
Uses ReShade 1.1
Full Quality

WOW! Thank you all for the amazing feedback and support.
I cant believe this has achieved 600+ endorsements and
made the October 2016 File of the Month list & Hot Files List

I can't thank you all enough. Thank you to those that have take time to download, use, provide feedback, endorse and vote!

(Updated to V6.1 on 17 June) I have updated the WLM preset for the newly updated WLM XIII. Enjoy!

What is each version?

Traditional Version- This is your traditional style of reshade. Install, play and the preset applies to all areas of the game to include Toussaint. This preset has been balanced out to look good in all areas however, its not exactly the same look as the adaptive version. This version is for those that want a simpler install and is ok with a reshade preset that has been balanced out to work for all areas of the game. 

Adaptive Version- This is a version, thanks to Murzinio and his mod Different ReShade Preset for Each Location, allows you to have a different reshade preset that has been tuned specifically for each region in game. Therefore, each preset gets to look best for the area without having to worry how it might look in another area of the game due to limitations of a traditional reshade. Time has been taken to adjust the presets based on the color and lighting in each area of the game. Really, this version is the best way to experience Wild Hunt Re-Engaged. This version is for those that prefer a reshade that is truly adjusted for the regions of Witcher 3. This is the best way to experience Wild Hunt Re-Engaged ReShade. 

Disclaimer: I use shadowplay to record clips. I am by no means a good video maker. But, after rendering original video and then letting youtube compression kill it more it may be hard to see the full quality of this preset. Give it a try is always best. Also, monitor calibration comes into play as well. Everyone's monitor is gonna make this look different. For some it may appear darker while others it may appear brighter. I play on a Dell 27" s2716g G-Sync Gaming Monitor so blacks don't look as dark since its not an IPS. I have taken the time to make things looked balance on that monitor. Your experience may differ. 

       Adaptive Version (STLM)                             Adaptive Version (Wiedzmin Lighting)


Wiedzmin Version
(V6.0 used in shots)
(use with: Wiedzmin Lighting) 

White Orchard



Kaer Morhen

STLM Version
(use with: STLM V3.1.2)

White Orchard




Kaer Morhen



Wow, this looks great!
-- MakimotoJin --

I'm Speechless. Absolutly STUNNING!STLM already has the ability to look nice, you took it to another level.
You did a very good job on this. As always fire, your work never ceases to amaze me

-- clkells --

This looks absolutely stunning..Skellige in particular. 
-- FRUTZK --

Dude this is amazing...
-- AnimeLover231 --

Looks unreal! Never seen graphics this beautiful in a game.
-- Drummer08 --

Best mod ever
-- PawlikPP --

Really liking this reshade, using it for my latest play through!...Good work on this reshade
-- DisposableJuvkam --

My friend don't know what to say anymore. This is even more amazing than your Wild Hunt Adaptive ReShade. Everything works fine and what can I say, game looks even better in my opinion. I'm a fan of the Super Turbo Lighting Mod and this seems to complete the mod. One thousand thx from Germany
-- DanteInHell --

Wow this is amazing!...This game just makes my game look so much richer and even sharper in some areas. Thank you for making this. 
-- truedjentleman320 --

As I expected, your preset is absolutely spectacular...I can't thank you enough for this, you have my deepest gratitude.
-- strahlimeier --

Absolutely fantastic work!
-- ramccoid --

Thank you for this beautiful reshade. Everything just looks straight out of a fantasy for me. 
-- kazenotama --

My eyes...they are full of tears. This is absolutely gorgeous!
-- llrita --

Looks awesome and thank your for this beautiful RS preset. Splendid work!
-- noisepulse --

Running this game at 3440x1440 on my TV with max graphics, my jaw is almost always dropped at how drop dead gorgeous this game is with your mod. It's truly unbelievable how beautiful it is. 
-- HellStorm40k --

Any many many more that I had to stop adding in


A Full Quality Preset (approx 7-10 FPS hit)

- Lumasharpen
- Gaussian Blur
- Various Color Effect

Hot Keys

F10- ReShade on/off (only turns off colors/lumasharpen)
F11- HDR
F12- Gaussian Blur


Install Video for all 3 versions

Adaptive Version Users

You need to get mod:  DifferentSFX or ReShade for Each Location Mod

NOTE: For first time users of DifferentSFX you need to run the game one time without running the DifferentSFX.exe. So, install DifferentSFX, run game & load a save. Then exit game. Run DifferentSFX.exe and then start game. The mod needs to initialize after first install.

Traditional Version Users
(See above install video)

1. Download File
2. Extract to a location
3. Copy ReShade folder/d3d11/ReShade note 
4. Paste into your X64 (same location your withcer 3 exe is) 

ReShade 2.0 Users
(See above install video)

This is a for users that maybe having issues with "Different ReShade Presets for Each Location mod' whether that be from script errors that cant be fixed, can't run it or you just don't want to use that mod but still want the adaptive version experience.

This uses ReShade 2.0.3f (click the CLICK HERE in the first post in the link provided) which operates different from ReShade 1.1
Get Older Versions of ReShade (including 2.0)


Traditional Version

1. Delete ReShade folder/d3d11/ReShade note from your x64 folder

Adaptive Version

1. Delete modDifferentSFX from mod folder
2. Delete LocationPresets/ReShade/d3d11/ReShade note from X64 folder


Visual Enhancements 

*=Installed in my game

*The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project / * Next Gen Stones & Misc / *Increased LOD / Peepers / *Splash / *Blood / *Weather
 *Improved Sign Effects / *Lore Friendly Ciri / *No Dirty Lens / *Next Gen Novigrad Reloaded 2 / Better Than IconsDynamic HUD Medallion / Realistic Contrast Textures / *Next Gen Haystacks /  *Unoptimized Novigrad Castle Wall / Ultra Grass 420 / *Extended View Distance / *Darker Nights / *Geralt Skin Enhanced / *More Realistic Wind Effects / *More Shadows / *Volumetric Clouds over Skellige / *Next Gen Candles / *Supreme to Extreme Graphics Options / *Autumn Flora Enhancement / 

Game Tweaks

Main Map Zoom (Updated) / *All Objectives on Map / *Colored Map Markers / *Fast Travel From Anywhere / *Better Trophies
Always Full XP / *Auto Apply Oils / Leveling Kaer Morhen Armor / *Immersive Cam / Enhanced Menus / Enhanced Targeting / *No Fall Damage / *Native Depth of Field / Cheap Dyes Everywhere / *Familiar Music Replacement / 

Here is a mod that is big overhaul of game mechanics, check it out if you want hardcore: Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Enhanced Edition

Highly recommended if modding

Mod Merger / Custom Localization Fix / Script Merger / Debug Console

If you find some mods listed are not up to date to patch 1.3 check out the following mod to see if an update was made there.  Unofficial 1.30 Mod Update Project 

Recommend leaving all to highest possible (- Hairworks)

Sharpening- Off or Low

Gamma- 1.00 (adjust higher as needed if you find to dark in interiors)
Blur/Motion Blur- Off/Personal Preference
DOF- on/Personal Preference
AA- On (I recommend on due its temporal AA but if you want off its ok)
Chromatic Aberration- Off/Personal Preference
Vignette- Off/Personal Preference 
Bloom- On (but with HDR in Full Quality Preset you could turn off if want)
Light Shafts- On

Want to have a way to adjust your graphic settings beyond Ultra? Such as Supreme, Ultimate or even Extreme level? Want to be able to automatically adjust to those settings via in game graphic settings without manually adjust your ini settings every time?

Check out my other my other mod Supreme to Extreme Graphics Options

1. ReShade I can't adjust setting based on particular weather or time of day. Sorry.
2. ReShade may cause Steam overlay not to work
3. If you find d3d11 does not work for you try renaming to dxgi
4. If you want to disable the follow effects outside of using hotkey here is how. (Full Quality Version)

Note: You will have to do this for every preset location.

1. Open ReShade folder
2. Open SweetFX

SMAA- Make #define USE_SMAA 1 to #define USE_SMAA 0
FXAA- Make #define USE_FXAA 1 to #define USE_FXAA 0
Lumasharpen- Make #define USE_LUMASHARPEN 1 to #define USE_LUMASHARPEN 0
HDR- Make #define USE_HDR 1 to #define USE_HDR 0
Gaussain Blur- Open ReShade Folder/CustomFX and make #define USE_GAUSS 1 to #define USE_GAUSS 0

5. Your monitor will have an impact on over all look. I can't calibrate reshade for every monitor. I play on a TN monitor. So my blacks are not as dark as a IPS monitor, for example. But, always try to make sure your monitor is calibrated as best you can. You can use these to help. 
Black Test
White Test


CD Project Red for creating this outstanding game, easily in my top 3

Reshade/Shader credit to



fmoritz- for his 3D Lut Mega Collection

All users of course!!

I5-7600k on a MSI- Z270 Gaming 5 MB / MSI GTX-1080 Gaming 8G X/ 16GB 1866hz RAM / 240gb Samsung SSD / 500GB Crucial M.2 SSD / 1TB WD Black HDD / Dell 27" 1440p G-sync Gaming Monitor & Dell IPS 24" U2415H Monitor