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Changes human AI combat style.

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Tested on 1.22, should work on 1.30 and up.


10/27/16 NOTE: 

I've taken a break from the game for now to avoid burnout and if I do get back into modding after I revisit, I'm not 100% sure I'll be focusing on updating this mod. If the AI proves to be too difficult, you can try my other mod here aimed at improving/speeding up combat, which I've had installed almost the entire time I was working on this one:

Quicker Combat and misc animations



- No more taunting

- If an enemy blocks a 2nd consecutive hit, they'll attempt a counter-punch.

- They' now occasionally dodge your attacks.

- They can now dodge mid-attack in the same way the player can.

- Dodge/Block costs: 31/22. Default stamina pool is still 100. 

- Aside from dodging/blocking, enemy actions no longer consume stamina (to encourage more aggressiveness)

- 1 handed sword/axe/club/Bow/CrossbowMelee enemies now use a modified version of the Witcher combat style, using a few sped up version of the default npc attacks. Also changes dodging animation. Only a few Witcher heavy attacks were included.

- One of the attacks included is a damageless version of Rend which can break your guard.

- 2 handed enemies had their attack speeds increased by 40-70%.

- 2 handed hammer/polearm/axe types will raise their guard after 2 hits instead of 1 and will attempt a counter-punch after.

- 2 handed enemies can now run towards you instead of slowly walking.

- A small change to make monsters "taunt" just a tad bit less; might not even be that noticeable.

- AI "combat tactic" changed to one that should make them not move at too-far distances as they approach/surround you.



- Enemies that use the Witcher-style don't go into a scream/flailing frenzy when on fire (fixed in another version if I get around to it).

- 1hand-wep females are unable to attack (excludes Ciri). I have no solution here.


As usual, you'll stomp any human group with the right signs/build but they'll at least look a bit less stupid in the process and won't ever get stuck in taunt-loops. Keep in mind that this isn't meant to be a lore-friendly mod, in the sense that a peasant fights as well as knights along with borrowing attacks from the Witcher moveset. Then again, CDPR copy/pasted the same terrible AI across the board to every human. Pick your poison : p