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Provides a full directory for 1.30 and 1.31 scripts that are different on the binary level. This is incredibly important to modders that edit the files contained here until CDPR fixes the discrepancies!

Permissions and credits
GOTY EDITION (1.31) USERS GETTING COMPILE ERRORS WITH 1.30 MODS: Head over to this page and try that fix!

After several reports of mods NOT working on the 1.31 GOTY version or 1.30 version but WORKING on the other, I have run a windiff comparison on the two vanilla script folders. Some of the results are probably expected (like the credits menu probably should be different) however things like r4game and popupbase are used in many mods at the moment and this could be potentially game breaking for some mods.

Contained in the download is 
  • A full, unedited, and vanilla script directory for 1.30 and 1.31 scripts (contains every script)
  • An abbreviated path containing ONLY different scripts for 1.30 and 1.31
  • A formatted log from windiff on a binary comparison level (I just made it a bit easier to read, best if opened in Notepad++)

Hopefully this can be a resource to use in the mean time if a modder does not have one or the other version of the game to make their mods compatible for everyone. For help transferring scripts from one version to another, I've made a tutorial at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L-h3fqbrqM (this was originally for 1.22-->1.30, but the same concept applies to 1.30<-->1.31

Really did not think this was necessary to put on the page...
...But if you use this resource, a by name acknowledgement is all I ask. It took quite awhile to compile this list of changes and package the resources.

An in-depth analysis of every .ws conflict is below. This is as 1.31 files relate to 1.30 files (example, ADD means it is present in 1.31 and not in 1.30)

  • 301: Makes a change to parameters used in "GetItemLevel" function call. This actually appears necessary for "baseLevel" to have a value set in GetItemLevel but 1.30 doesn't have this parameter used. 1.30 Users, expect this to be fixed in a future patch. This may cause compilation errors with mods that either this script or the gameParams.ws script on 1.30 (script merger will either have conflicts or add in the changes without telling you). Additionally, this function is handled in gameParams.ws that a few mods overwrite, so if an extra parameter is passed to it, it will not compile. (OVERWRITE)
  • 315: Changes condition on how script sets gear level (no actual change to the condition, just how checks) (OVERWRITE)


  • 290:  Imports a function DisplayStore() used ingameMenu.ws (ADD) -- This has the potential to cause compilation errors if a mod is used that edits this script without the GOTY edition. Script merger may take this function out if it's not in a mod's r4Game.ws, and the function call to it below may not be defined.
  • 1221: Implements the randomization function defined below for main menus in non-PC platforms (OVERWRITE)
  • 1261: Implements the same thing for PC (OVERWRITE)
  • 1287: Defines the ChooseRandomMainMenuIfNotChosenYet() function used above (ADD)


  • 26: Declares a menuType int (used for randomizing main menus) (ADD)
  • 73: Initializes menuType based on what version of the menu is chosen, sets the music to match (these changes overwrite 1.30) (OVERWRITE)


  • 135: Declares and initializes waitingForGameLoaded bool (ADD)
  • 249: Makes several changes the Update() function. Sets several new conditions for refreshing the menu (ADD)
  • 273: Defines the RefreshMainMenuAfterContentLoaded() funcion (unsure of where this is used) (ADD)


  • 399: Removes the CheckDLCMessagePending() function call in the OnConfigUI() function. This may cause compilation errors with mods that edit this script (script merger will most likely silently add that function call back in). (REMOVE)


  • 73: Adds in several new functions for when time lapses, they appear to be test functions regarding Turkish localization. These are most likely unused in any other script. (ADD)

  • 40:  Adds an InGameMenuActiontype enumeration called IGMActionType_Button (ADD)
  • 148: Adds two int variables, "width" and "height" used below (ADD)
  • 170: Adds in a function call to adjust placement of on screen anchors (guessing placement of menu items) based on aspect ratio (ADD)
  • 218: Removes the setting DLC strings, ep1StatusText and ep2StatusText to localized strings by key (not sure why this is done, it's possible that it's not necessary and is an optimization) (REMOVE)
  • 282: Does some checking for something called "content12" (not sure what this is) and makes menu size adjustments, using the width and heigh ints (ADD)
  • 376: Does the same thing as (218) (REMOVE)
  • 726: Adds several conditions regarding a GOTY in-game welcome messages. This overwrites DLC1 and DLC2 welcome messages from the normal version. (OVERWRITE)
  • 767: Defines a function for preparing GOTY messages (ADD)
  • 976: Implements the enumeration added in 40 for handling clicking the "MoreSpeechLanguages" option and opens the store (my guess is for downloading new languages?) (ADD)


  • 385: Declares an int variable menuType to the OnCloseMenu event (ADD)
  • 397: Handles changing the music to match the background version playing (guessing this has to do with randomization of the background) (OVERWRITE)


  • 28:  Handles a "BUTTON" case for the IngameMenu_GetOptionTypeFromString function (ADD)
  • 145: Adds an additional parameter to the IngameMenu_FillArrayFromConfigGroup function call (isMainMenu) (OVERWRITE)
  • 280: Rewrites how the in-game menu is handled based on the new parameter for DLC items)


  • 75: Removes several conditions for starting new games based on DLC's (skipping to DLC's) (REMOVE)
  • 154: Removes several conditions for adding DLC content to the menu (REMOVE)
  • 214: Adds the DLC from GOTY edition menu items back in that were removed from the regular version (this is because they are all included in GOTY) (ADD)


  • 51:  Declares a new variable m_fxSetGameLanguage (CScriptedFlashFunction) (ADD)
  • 111: Initializes that variable to the selected language (ADD)
  • 517: Adds an additional check to the setArabicAligmentMode() function pertaining to language selection (ADD)


  • 117: Removes the options for setting game language from popupBase.ws (because these are added into menuBase.ws above) (REMOVE)