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Witcher-PhotoMode_2inOne(for Debug Console Enabler) by CAPA


First, Thanks for trying my mod!



Download and Install:

For the Freecam Functionality:
Debug Console Enabler Updated -

#How it works#

By default use the following keys and its functions:
(All keys are customizable from ingame options)

- PhotoMode 2inOne -

NumPad0 - HUD Hide and Pause toogle

Tap on time to hide HUD and pause the game, tap again to show HUD and unpause the game.

- Effects Selections and Toogles -

NumPad7 - Effect Down
NumPad8 - Effect Up
Numpad9 - Effect Toogle

Select Effects with Numpad7 and Numpad8 and toogle the selected effect with Numpad9
The effects are automatically disabled when a selection button is pressed

The effects of Low Heath and Toxicity, will replenish life temporarely, but the life and toxicity levels will be returned to the original values when the effect is deactivated.
Toxicity causes a real 90% toxicity effect and makes you lose health.

- Weather Changing System -

Numpad4 - Weather Down
Numpad5 - Weather Up
Numpad6 - Activate Weather

Select the desired Weather with Numpad4 and Numpad5, then Activate it with Numpad6

The activate Weather is not a toogle. So it will NOT clear the Weather if pressed again.

Important: The Weather is Area bound, so not even all the Weathers are available to all areas.

-Time control-

Numpad1 - TimeScale Down (Very useful to capture Thunders)
Numpad2 - TimeScale Up
Numpad3 - Reset TimeScale

Use Numpad1 to slow down time, from 0 to 1 it will use 0.1 decrements, from 1 to 10 will use 1 decrements, from above 10 will use 10 decrements
Use Numpad2 to speed up time, from 0 to 1 it will use 0.1 increments, from 1 to 10 will use 1 increments, from above 10 will use 10 increments

Use Numpad3 to Reset time speed to 1 (Normal Speed)

You can hold down the TimeScale Up and Down buttons to modify values faster. You don't have to wait the notification disappear.