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A Script Mod to that allows you to (INSTANTLY) Hide/Show Hud(Subtitles are hidden too) AND Pause/Unpause at same time, using only One customizable key.
Now also you can: Change Weather, Select and toogle Effects, Time Control and Fog on Demand!

Permissions and credits
Sry the trouble... it's fixed now.

Version 2.7.1

Not so minor Update:
Fix "game breaking" bug where if you set timescale once, the game would not slowdown when aiming or attacking with horse.

Added the Weathers of Toussain. You can now change the weathers there.


Version 2.7

Compatibility with 1.21 patch

Did not have time to check about the weathers on Blood & Wine yet, but they should change if they have some default weather names there.

One addition to the effects. On this version...

My prototype of the Icebreath... lol yeah
It was already there and I didn't removed it

It will make just Geralt and NPCs in a 30 meters radius to have that breath on the moment of the button push.
Version 2.6.2

Ok Photomode is Back. Compatible with patch 1.12.
Just compatibility nothing new yet... sry.

Ah, don't forget to reapply the lines to the input.settings file, with the 1.12 patch it may have returned to default.


Version 2.6(.1 Patch 1.11 compatible)
Important: After patch 1.11 the inputs were reset input.xml and input.settings... you will have to redo the installation steps.
Also was changed so if you have another mod that uses it merge to the new file. 

Hum.. just a new feature.

Actually a old one known by cheating table users.

Freeze Them!

Just to be clear on how to use, select as a FX and Activate with the FX button. It works as a Toggle.
Version 2.5.1 - Patch 1.10 compatible.

PhotoMode is Back!

Unfortunately you will have to follow the installation steps again, since the patch changes the input.xml file, and the

Again, don't forget to set the Despawn Fog key.

Any problems let me know!

Btw, looks like CDPR changed the Mist effect it's apparently it's more volumetric now!
(or was just my impression... to where I spawned it. Don't know really lol)

It's Uploaded! Version 2.5!

- Added Player Invisibility Toogle! For landscapes, screenshots with DoF enabled ;)

- Fog/Mist on demand!
Place them wherever, whenever, in any env and any weather.

They will stay ON until you Despawn them.

Some instructions for those updating and first timers:

 New Install Instructions! Read them!

- Player invisibility works as any other FX previous released. Select FX and toogle with the Activate FX button.

- Now the Effects can be stacked, they will not deactivate when you choose another effect in selection(exception from Low Heath and Toxicity).

Fogs and Mists:

Be sure to configure the "Despawn Fog" key I did not set a default one its set to None. 

- Fogs and Mists are used selecting them as the FX and Activating with the Activate FX button.

They DO NOT work as a toogle.

Each time you press the Activate FX button, one will respawn one at a time at 5 meters ahead from the player.

You can spawn them multiple times.

However they are huge and gets a large part of the place.
(They kinda fade in/out so sometimes you will think it did not spawn but wait and see)

Then when you're done with the Fog/Mist stuff use the "Despawn Fog" button to clear them all at once. 

KNGR - For all the help :D
Sarcen - For actually giving me the spawn function I needed and the entities names!
DJ_Kovrik - For all the insights about the Toxicity effect that also helped me with the Low Health.

wghost81 - For the tips in finding the functions ;)
skacikpl - For pointing the FloatToStringPrec function.


- Install with NMM or unpack to mods folder in the main folder of Witcher 3 (if the folder does not exist create it)

- Download the second file "Input Keys Settings"
- Unpack anywhere and copy the contents of the files to their respective ones:

IMPORTANT: You have to ADD the lines! DO NOT replace the existing ones of the original files.

"inputs.txt" content have to be copied and pasted to the beginning of input.settings.
(Which is located in <Your Documents Folder>\The Witcher 3)

"inputsxml.txt" content should be pasted in the input.xml file BELOW THE FIRST <VisibleVars> 
(which is located in <Witcher 3 install folder>\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc)

If you have any questions regarding the install ask me.


This mod alters, input.xml and input.settings

If you have other mod that uses you will have to merge them.


What it does?

The main function is to "hide hud and pause" with one button and "unhide hud and unpause" using the same button. (also hides Subtitles)
Then you can use the Freecam solution of the Debug Console Enabler(or another one) to take some nice action Screenshots.

Photomode2inOne NumPad0 (by default)

But now you also have:
- Weather Changing System!
(The weathers available are area bound. Not all weather are available to all areas. This is by game design)

Weather Up NumPad5
Weather Down NumPad4
Activate Weather NumPad6 (this just activates the selected weather is not a toogle)

- Effects Selections and Toogles
FX Up - NumPad8
FX Down - NumPad7
Activate FX -  NumPad6 (this is the key to Toogle the selected effect)

Control the time! 
SlowMotion or Fast Forward to how many Time Multiplier you want!

TimeScale Up - NumPad2 (If from 0.001 to 0.5 increments 0.1, 0.5 straight to 1, from 1 to 10 increments 1 and from 10 above increments 10)
TimeScale Down - NumPad1 (If is 1 and you press it it will decrement to 0.5, from 0.5 and down decrements of 0.1 until reaches 0.001)
TimeScale Reset - NumPad3 (Resets multiplier to 1 normal time scale. It also works as a Slowmotion Toogle to 50% speed)

All the selections are notified by a discreet Notification message.


Witcher 3 v1.08.1 or above.

Download and install:
Mod main files 

Just for Freecam:
  • Debug Console Enabler -
(If you use another solution for Freecam you can... no problems)


Why I created this:

Since the Debug Console Enabler mod only binds FreeCam(On/Off) to F1, I was in search for a solution to use the console commands binded to keys.

The main motive was capture action scenes, which becomes very difficult when you have to bring the console down and type the commands...
The time you spend doing this you lose the moment...

Searched everywhere, asked on forums and Steam Community, tried using Cheat Engine Table, but sometimes it bugged(since it override the pause of the game) and I had to restart the game because it won't unpause.

Then someone in Steam told me to try AutoHotKey and it was awesome until the Modkit was released!

Now tried to integrate with the game! So here we are!

And it improved a lot ever since!