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This mod changes the scabbard Geralt uses for Olgierd's sabre to the one Olgierd himself used.

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This is my first (and most likely my last) mod ever (creating mods is a pain in the ass...). It's just a simple fix for something that bothered me for a long time (and nobody was in the mood to create it for me - so I had to do it myself). I created this mainly for my own use. But I hope you'll like it, too.

What this mod does:
Remember, when you finally received Olgierd's sabre at the end of Hearts of Stone? And you equipped it in joyful anticipation, just to realize that Olgierd didn't deem it necessary to hand over his scabbard as well? This mod redresses this injustice. It makes Geralt use Olgierd's scabbard while wielding his sabre.

Please note that this mod does NOT place Olgierd's sabre in your inventory. You still have to complete the Hearts of Stone main questline to receive it (or make use of the console).

What I did:
Since Geralt can't use Olgierd's scabbard by default, I had to replace the meshes of another sabre scabbard. So, if you install this mod there will be other sabres using Olgierd's scabbard instead of the default one, too. But their number should be manageable, since I replaced a scabbard introduced by the Hearts of Stone DLC.
Please note that for these other sabres there can be minor clipping issues. This is because of them not being bent in the exact same way as Olgierd's sabre and being a bit longer or shorter. Sadly, there is nothing I can do about this.

On the other hand, making another sabre use Olgierd's scabbard can be established more easily now. Just install this mod and then create another, where you change the scabbard to sabre scabbard 06 in the .xml file (I recommend the tutorial videos of Marvel Master).


Hearts of Stone (it's not possible for me to make a version without it)

How to install:

As always, just unzip the file and then place the modolgierdsscabbard folder in your Witcher 3 Mod folder. Or use the Nexus Mod Manager.

No explicit incompatibilities known so far. It might be incompatible with mods altering sabre scabbard 06.
Also it will be incompatible wih any mod altering the .xml file of Olgierd's sabre, e.g. for buffing.

I can confirm compatibility with

For some users this mod didn't work until they installed All NPC Scabbards. So if you also have this issue, please try installing that mod.

There also is a nice Retexture of Olgierd's Scabbard and Sword done by my namesake Paul-Scott. Have a look.

Known bugs:
None so far. I did my best to reduce clipping (for Iris) to a minimum.

I have to say thank you to Marvel Master. Without his useful tutorial videos and his patient advice and guidance I would not have been able to create this mod.