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Levels a customizable list of Witcher and relic armor and swords to your level. Uses built-in vanilla leveling to ensure game balance. Now you can wear what you like without worrying about it being obsolete in 20 minutes.

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This mod levels Witcher and relic armor and weapons to your player level, and keeps them at your level as you level up.

This is a significant optimization and simplification of TheGuvnor's Leveling Grandmaster and Viper Witcher Gear, which itself is based off of Mikenekro's Leveling DLC Temerian Undvik Nilfgaardian and Oathbreaker Armors. This mod is a complete rewrite of the leveling logic in these mods for the sole purpose of using the game's vanilla (and balanced) armor and weapon leveling. Unfortunately, MIkenekro's leveling logic is grossly flawed and greatly overpowers all his armors. TheGuvnor's leveling logic for the B&W Grandmaster gear is custom tweaked, but not overpowered.

In the course of the exercise, this mod turned out to be smaller, more efficient, simpler, and infinitely more flexible at leveling items in the game.

What's the benefit? Fashion Hunt

You may now wear any of these unique, beautiful armor sets without the worry that they'll be be overpowered or obsolete in 20 minutes.

What does this mod level?

Whatever you want. The default version levels:

  • Witcher armor and swords
  • Unique relic armor and swords in HoS and B&W
  • DLC armor sets (Temerian, Nilfgaardian, and Undvik)

Alternate versions exist as well, including a version that levels all relic and Witcher gear in the game and another where you can pick and choose what to level (see FAQ for details). Even better, this mod DOES NOT require HoS, B&W, or any DLC installed. It will simply level any of the above that is installed.

Requires game version 1.22.

IMPORTANT: Due to leveraging vanilla mechanisms, this mod will level your items permanently. That is, if you remove the mod, your items will remain leveled. Save / test accordingly. If you want to obtain the unleveled versions of the above gear, first uninstall the mod and then re-purchase or re-craft the item.

If you use this mod, PLEASE ENDORSE! I need your endorsements like the desert needs the rain~~~


  • Q: Will you add XYZ item to be leveled?
  • A: Version 1.1+ of the mod should automatically level all unique relic armor and weapons in HoS and B&W. If something is missing, let me know.

  • Q: When does it level your item?
  • A: When an item is added to your inventory, when you equip it, when you level up, or when you view it in some UI. In particular, the game will level the item whenever it needs to calculate its level or armor value, which includes all of the above events and likely more. The leveling logic is inexpensive, and unlike its spiritual predecessors, it only levels the item if it needs to be leveled. The mod does not level down items to your level. It only goes up.

  • Q: How does the leveling work exactly?
  • A: There are two types of leveling in the game, fixed and random-value-within-a-range. The latter applies to random loot. The former applies to named / known items, like the gear that pertains to this mod. All fixed armor leveling in the game level via 5 armor per level for the chest piece, and 2 armor per level for the gloves, pants, and boots. All fixed weapons in the game level via 8 damage per level for steel swords and 10 damage per level for silver swords. This is why all your mastercrafted Witcher gear, which have the same level, also have the same armor and damage values. If these values ever change, this mod will automatically pick up the changes. Attributes are assigned per item and have no built in leveling.

  • Q: Can I customize what gets leveled and what doesn't?
  • A: Yes. You can customize what gets leveled and what doesn't in the function isItemScalable in For example, if you don't want DLC armors to level, just delete the lines involving Temerian/Nilfgaardian/Skellige. If you'd like to add something, you need to add its ID to the same list. Item IDs are located in the XML files of the game (cooked and packed by default). These are the same IDs you'd use via the debug console to spawn the item.

  • Q: Does this mod level crossbows?
  • A: The mod does not level crossbows. Crossbows in the game don't have leveling; they merely apply a multiplicative factor to the attack power of the outgoing bolt. Any crossbow with an AP factor greater than 190% is level 32, then adjusted a few levels down depending on quality.

  • Q: Is this mod secretly even more awesome?
  • A: Yes. This mod actually fixes an interesting oversight / possible bug in the vanilla game, where if the player is at level 100, his Witcher and relic level gears can only be as strong as normal, blue, and magic level gears. The visual side effect of this is that relic and Witcher gears will have a level cap of 98 or 99. In other words, item quality no longer exists if you're level 100. The reason for this is that the game normalized item levels to be between levels 1 and 100, but did so BEFORE adjusting for quality. This mod fixes that bug by normalizing item levels AFTER adjusting for quality.

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