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This mod will enable all Grandmaster and Viper Witcher gear to scale to Geralt's level, increasing both their stats and usefulness!

Permissions and credits
If you have any problems (especially script compilation errors), please read the entire description (and especially the FAQ) before asking for help!


June 23 - Version has been released!
June 15 - Version 1.4.1 has been released
June 11 - Due to the new addition of Viper School support, Version and onwards now requires both Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine!
June 11 - Version released, now with Viper School support
June 10 - Version released
June 10 - Version Standard Edition released
June 10 - Version 1.4.0 Performance Edition removed and replaced with Version - Performance Edition
June 10 - Version 1.4.0 Performance Edition released
June 8 - Version 1.3.5 Performance Edition released
June 8 - Version 1.3.5 released
June 7 - Initial release


The Grandmaster Witcher gear is cool. They have a cool mechanic in their set bonuses, they have cool stat boosts to help your build, and of course they have some of the coolest aesthetics in the game.

Yet, due to their low level of 40, they quickly become outclassed defense-wise by generic armors even by the end of Blood and Wine, let alone New Game Plus.

Thus, I decided to make this mod. Now all Grandmaster tier Witcher gear, including the weapons, will scale to Geralt's level, allowing them to be useful throughout the entire journey. No longer will you have to fear getting killed in 1 hit for the sake of fashion!

Both the Standard and New Game Plus versions of the gear have the scaling effect.

As of version, the Viper School gear from Hearts of Stone now also scales to Geralt's level!

IMPORTANT: The standard versions of the Grandmaster gear will not scale below Level 40, which was their original level requirement. Likewise, the New Game Plus versions will not scale below level 70, despite what the interface might say.
The Viper gear will not scale below level 39 and level 69, for New Game and New Game Plus, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between the Performance Edition and the Standard Edition?
A: Standard Edition
It checks to make sure all of your items have the correct stats at all times, regardless of whether you have them equipped or not. This version is slightly more convenient to use, but may degrade performance.

Performance Edition
  • The gear's armor or damage rating will only scale if the item is equipped.
  • This means that if you level up without an item with the scaling equipped, you must equip that item once for its stats to adjust to your current level.
  • For example, if I'm level 52 and my Ursine Silver Sword is in my stash doing 682 damage, when I level up to level 53 (with the sword still in the stash) it will still say it does 682 damage next time I look, despite now being listed as a level 53 sword. The damage value on the sword will only scale up if I take it out of my stash and equip it once. The same is true for all of the armors. Items that you keep equipped will always have up-to-date stats; they will only become outdated if you level-up with the item unequipped.
  • This edition of the mod also applies this change to the items of Mikenekro's mods, linked below.

Q: What's with these script compilation errors!?
A: Check the lines that say Error. If the words modLevelingGrandmasterGearPE or modLevelingGrandmasterGearSE do NOT appear at any point, then the error does not originate from my mod. It is most likely a mod conflict or an error with the installation of The Witcher 3.

1. Try moving Mod folder to from Witcher directory to desktop and launch game.

If it doesn't work, uninstall your Witcher 3 game and perform a clean reinstallation of the latest version of the game and this mod.

2. If the game works after Step 1, try moving Mods folder back to Witcher directory, but move all contents except for this mod (modLevelingGrandmasterGear<PE/SE>) to a temporary folder on desktop. Launch game.

If the game works after Step 2, then the compilation issues from before were probably a mod conflict.

3. If it still doesn't work, uninstall your Witcher 3 game and perform a clean reinstallation of the latest version of the game and this mod.

If the Error lines DO have the words modLevelingGrandmasterGearPE or modLevelingGrandmasterGearSE, then please copy the entire compilation error report and paste it into a bug report on this mod's page.

Q: Why aren't the stats on my gear updating?
A: You downloaded the Performance Edition, and you have not equipped the item again since the last time you leveled up, or since you installed the mod.

The stats will only update for items that Geralt has equipped when using the Performance Edition.

Otherwise, you may also be looking at Witcher gear that is not of the Grandmaster tier, which is the only tier this mod affects. Basic, Enhanced, Superior and Mastercrafted DO NOT scale.

Q: I double-checked the things you said in the last answer, and my gear's stats still aren't updating?
A: Then you probably have another mod installed that is conflicting with this one. There are a few things you can do to try to diagnose this.

Firstly, run Script Merger. If it doesn't detect any conflicts and this mod still isn't working, you can try the following:

Try moving every single mod in your \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods\ folder to a temporary folder on your desktop, and then install ONLY the Standard Edition of this mod. Load game and check stats.

If you installed mods directly to your \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\content\ folder, reinstall the game or restore the vanilla (and up-to-date) versions of the affected files. Load your game and check the stats on your gear.

To further test, use the debug console (search for it on Nexus) and type in "levelup" without the quotations. Afterwards, check the stats on the gear.

If it's still not working after these steps, submit a bug report with as much info about the problem as possible: the item(s) that is not updating correctly, your current level, the item's current level, the item's current stats, where the item is (ie. your inventory, is equipped, in stash) and whether or not you have tried: un-equipping and re-equipping, dropping the item and picking it back up, or adding a new copy of the item to your inventory via debug console.

Q: Can I use this mod alongside <Mod X,Y,Z>?
A: Probably, unless it modifies items from Blood and Wine, then perhaps not. Surefire way to find out is to install both mods and run Script Merger. If it returns errors that aren't automatically solved, then it's probably an issue that would require a proper compatibility patch from myself or the other mod author, and you should stop trying to use the mods together.

Q: Will you make a new version of this mod that does <X,Y,Z>?
A: Probably not. I made this mod with a very specific purpose and I have no intention of adding any other armors or weapons to the leveling script. I may make exceptions as they occur to me, but I cannot guarantee that I'll be adding anything new.


  • Navigate to your Witcher 3 installation folder. For example: C:\Program Files\GOG Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\
  • At this location should be folders labeled bin, content and DLC, along with a bunch of files. Create a new folder here and call it "Mods", if it's not already present.
  • If you are upgrading from an older version of the mod, open the Mods folder and DELETE the folder modLevelingGrandmasterGear. Do not overwrite it, DELETE it.
  • Place the folder in the .ZIP you downloaded from here in your newly created Mods folder.
  • If you have ANY OTHER MODS INSTALLED, download and run Script Merger
  • Done!


This mod is compatible with the above mods by Mikenekro, but for them to work together you must:

  • copy the scripts folder from modLevelingGrandmasterGear\content\ OVER the scripts folder in modDLCArmor\content\ and modOathbreakerArmor\content\ for Leveling DLC Temerian Undvik Nilfgaardian and Oathbreaker Armors with the same version number
  • copy the scripts folder from modLevelingGrandmasterGear\content\ OVER the scripts folder in modStartingArmor<your chosen version of the mod>\content\ for Leveling Kaer Morhen Armor with the same version number
  • Overwrite everything you are prompted to. The files I have included here have the same contents as the files from the above mods, but expanded and modified to include the Witcher Grandmaster items, so doing this will allow all three to work in conjunction
  • Run Script Merger

Known Issues

Issue: Mod causes performance issues
Status: Solved with v1.3.5! Even more solved with Performance Edition!

Issue: Crafting menu runs slowly.
Status: Solved with Performance Edition!

Issue: Armor is possibly weak in late New Game Plus.
Status: Solved with!

Issue: Mod is incompatible with some mods that make other adjustments, such as visually, to Witcher items
Cause: Both mods probably touch some of the same files
Status: These kinds of conflicts would need mod-specific compatibility patches. I will, most likely, never make these.

Issue: Modded swords do not work correctly with Blood & Wine mutation "Conductors of Magic"
Likely Cause: Mod changes the way the game calculates the base damage of the modded swords
Status: Probably won't be fixed

Recommended Mods

Script Merger - by AnotherSymbiote
Leveling Kaer Morhen Armor - by Mikenekro
Leveling DLC Temerian Undvik Nilfgaardian and Oathbreaker Armors - by Mikenekro
Auto-scale DLC HoS and BW Armors and Weapons - by katalysis (NOTE: Only install either my mod or katalysis' mod. DO NOT use both at the same time!)


Mikenekro - For his Leveling Kaer Morhen Armor mod, which I used as the base for this mod
TheGuvnor - Some additional functionality added, as well as scaling for Grandmaster and Viper Witcher gear