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A little tool that allowes the player to play Witcher 3 in perma death mode.
Once you're dead, u gotta start over.

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This little tool allowes the player to have the ultimate hardcore experience.
Perma death.
Once you're dead, u gotta start over.

Requires Win 7/8

Important to know:
- Does NOT require admin rights (i didn't release any source code, so at least that should make sure that i'm not deleting the internet on your pc (yes, every pc has one))
- Program runs in the background, once doubleclicked it starts itself and witcher 3.
- The tool backups your saves, but make a own backup anyway!
- U can restore ur previous saves with the RemoveWitcher3Hardcore tool (make sure the game doesn't run)
- If you save and quit the game to the menu, you won't be able to load again. U need to exit the game and start it again with this tool to be able to continue playing (next version should be able to recognize the menu)
- Once witcher3 is closed, the program closes itself

Possible issues:
- Resolution! I wasn't able to test every resolution yet, so if you are still able to load a save after dying, please tell me about it! - Thanks
- If you are using gog and it has a similar way to be started over a shortcut created by gog, please post me that shortcut url so it can be started over gog and not by setting the path to the game manually

If another bug might appear, please let me know. :)
The tool is in a very early state and there is lots to improve.

Future plans:
- Better death-recognition
- Menu-awareness
- Rewards for time survived (bonus lifes amongst other things)

Big thanks to TheMorbidAtheist, who sacrificed himself to be my first test-person. :p