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Ever wish the Kaer Morhen Armor wouldn't become obsolete? This mod will change the Armor Rating every time you level up!

Permissions and credits
Note: Mod is not being worked on due to other obligations. Permissions are updated to allow other modders to use code without my permission (as long as some credit is given in some form).

File of the Month May 2016!
Thanks for the support everyone!

Important Note: Any version that is v1.3.0 or higher will be made for Patch 1.21. Any version lower than v1.3.0 (Ex. v1.2.1) you will only be able to use if you have Patch 1.12 of The Witcher 3.

Check out Leveling Grandmaster Witcher gear by The Guvnor:

News:v1.4.0 - Added "Forwards" compatibility for any future updates (Means you can use any v1.4.0 or higher version of any of my mods)
v1.4.0 - Efficiency improvements for easier script updating
v1.4.0 - My software, Custom Leveling Armor Maker, mods will now work with any v1.4.0 or higher version of my default mods.

v1.3.0 - Added Leveling Starting Swords (Witcher Steel Sword and Witcher Silver Sword)
v1.3.0 - Added Compatibility with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.21 (Also makes the mods Blood and Wine ready)

v1.2.0 - Added the Sign Intensity mod that will increase Sign Intensity every 5 Levels.
v1.2.0 - Version v1.2 has improved code efficiency that should help with any FPS drop (Has done that when I tested it but let me know if it doesn't work for you).  
- I do not know if anyone was experiencing much (If any) FPS drop with the normal versions (Chest Only, Original, and Stronger) but if you were, this should help with that.

v1.1.0 - Version v1.1.0 has compatibility updates for my other mod. This version is ONLY necessary if you will be using my other mod, Leveling DLC Temerian, Undvik, Nilfgaardian, and Oathbreaker Armors.

v1.0.0 - The code in this version has some more efficiency improvements. It has also been through a lot of testing and debugging. It is also much more user friendly than the first few versions.
v1.0.0 - After testing, debugging, and improving the mod, I finally feel comfortable calling this version v1.0.0, meaning it is considered the first full release.

v0.8.9.1 - Patched the problem where glyphs would not attach to an items slot (Note: After you attach a glyph to a piece of armor, uninstalling the mod will not remove the glyph slots or enhancement but everything else will go back to normal. If you don't attach glyphs to armor and uninstall the mod, the slots will go back to normal).

v0.8.8 - Added New Game Plus support. Leveling Armor should now work in New Game Plus!

v0.8.7 - Started optimizing to get better performance for the resistance mod comming (Resistance mod is still a bit laggy).
v0.8.7 - All armor now has 3 enhancement slots for glyphs!

 v0.8.5 -EDIT The Resistances mod has been temporarily removed while I look into the lagging associated with the resistances. EDIT Uploaded a file that increases Armor Resistances as well. Currently this is only for the chest piece as I need to test all Starting Items resistance leveling more.
v0.8.5 - Added a version of the Full Set with Boots, Pants, and Gloves adding 3.0 Armor per level! This version is a full version of the mod so you only need the files from that download.
v0.8.5 - The Nexus Mods Manager should be working for the latest file, Stronger Boots Pants and Gloves version.
v0.8.5 - NMM Still might not work. Manual installation will be the best option for right now (Until I get used to NMM)
v0.8.5 - script is no longer needed, allowing better compatibility with more mods!

v0.8.3 - Fixed issue from v0.8.0 (Armor Rating not updating while in chest), can use additem('Starting Armor') to spawn items with instant Armor Rating change (See top of Readme or Changes tabs for more details)

v0.8.1 - Minor change to the folder structure to work better with NMM.  Readme is no longer in the files but you can download it from the readme tab on this page.

v0.8.0 - I have uploaded a file that contains the full Starting Armor Set with Pants, Gloves, and Boots!
v0.8.0 - While testing the new update of the Full Starting Armor set, I found out that if your armor is stored in a chest when you load the game, it will not instantly change the Armor Rating. I will be looking for a way to fix this.

~To fix this issue, just equip the armor and the armor rating should update!~

Video of what this mod does
The "levelup" command I am using is not part of the mod. It is used to show you the armor leveling up

How to use the Custom Leveling Armor Maker

Thanks to these people, Leveling Starting Armor has less bugs and more fun!

Walteriusmaximus - Backed up others info on bug reports/Useful information. 
tehgonk - Had idea for leveling resistances with armor (Still in development from lagging)
tiburcioprimero - Had idea for placing glyph slots on armor
haziqhanafiah - Helped me fix New Game Plus support
bigscott69 - Pointed out glyphs not working, allowed me to work on the bug

Thanks to these people, this mod is better than before. I have been dedicating a lot of hours to this mod and these people helped make that time easier.

Important Information:

The Sign Intensity mod will increase Sign Intensity every 5 levels.
Here is the rate the Sign Intensity will increase:

Warrior's Leather Jacket - 3.5% Every 5 Levels (Level 5 will be 3.5%, Level 10 will be 7%, Level 15 will be 10.5%, Etc.)
Kaer Morhen Armor - 2.0% Every 5 Levels
Starting Pants - 2.0% Every 5 Levels
Starting Gloves, Boots    - 2.0% Every 5 Levels

Here are the Debug Console Commands to add the items to your inventory (if you lost or sold them):
Remember! These console commands ARE case sensitive! So use the same uppercase letters as they are here!

additem('Starting Armor')
additem('Starting Armor 1')
additem('Starting Pants')
additem('Starting Gloves')
additem('Starting Boots')

Console commands for the Witcher's Steel Sword and Witcher's Silver Sword:

additem('Long Steel Sword')
additem('Witcher Silver Sword')

- Mod was made with The Witcher 3 - Patch 1.12  Any mod before v1.3.0 is for Patch 1.12
- Any mod Version v1.3.0 or higher is made for Patch 1.21 of The Witcher 3

- Hearts of Stone was installed when I tested the file but it has been confirmed to work without Hearts of Stone installed.
- Blood and Wine will work with Versions v1.3.0 and higher. Any version below v1.3.0 will need Patch 1.12 of The Witcher 3.



I have always liked the look of the Kaer Morhen Armor and it's upgraded cousin, Warrior's Leather Jacket so I decided to create a mod that would allow these armors to "Level Up" with your character.

I do not believe I have under-powered or over-powered the armor as you level up, but please let me know if you don't like the rate and I can quickly add other leveling rates.

This mod allows both the Kaer Morhen Armor and Warrior's Leather Jacket to remain relevant throughout the game! This is something that I have wanted ever since I started playing The Witcher 3. I thought that other people might feel the same way and decided to post the mod here. This is my first mod for The Witcher 3 but I have a good amount of experience with programming (computer science major currently) which is all this mod is, programming.

- The Kaer Morhen Armor has 3.0 Armor Rating added to it with each level. 
- The Warrior's Leather Jacket has 4.5 Armor Rating added to it with each level. (You will not see xx.5 every other level. it only displays whole numbers)
- The Starting Pants have 2.5 Armor Rating added to it with each level.
- The Starting Gloves and Boots have 2.0 Armor Rating added to it with each level.

The base Armor Rating (Kaer Morhen = 15.0, Warrior's Leather Jacket = 30.0) gets an extra 3.0 and 4.5 Armor Rating at the start of a new game and those numbers will change every time you level up, allowing you to continue using the armor throughout the game without sacrificing protection! 

Once this mod is installed, you start up the game, and load you character, the armor rating should already be changed so there's no reason to start a new character. It will work whenever you have it in your "mods" folder and everything will go back to normal when you remove it. No permanent changes to your character.

I can apply this technique to any other armor I have access to so if you would like to see this with a whole armor set, let me know and I will make the mod.

Installation Instructions:

Installation instructions are included with the .zip file in Readme.txt.

Although all you need to do it put the "modStartingArmor" folder into your game installations "mods" folder.

Example folder: 
"C:\The Witcher 3\mods"

If you do not have a "mods" folder, you can create one manually.

Other Information:

Let me know if you experience any bugs with this mod and I will work on fixing any bugs as soon as I can.

Also I am not sure if this is a problem with my installation of the game, but the scripts would not compile without me changing a line in the "" file Otherwise it would not be needed. If you experience any problems when launching the game, that file might be the problem so try to move it to another folder temporarily while launching the game.

If any files have conflicts with another mod, this might not work. If there are conflicts, let me know what mod it conflicts with and I will attempt to make it more "Friendly" towards that mod or mods.

This mod is on it's first full release (All versions in v1.0 - v1.9 range) so it has been tested thoroughly and there should be very few (if any) bugs left. It has been played by me personally from start to finish, loaded from an existing save, partially in New Game Plus. I have tried to break the mod in many ways in order to test how it stood up and it has been performing great since v1.0. Still, there may be something that I have missed while testing and if you come across any bugs or weird things happening, don't hesitate to let me know. I try my best to fix any bugs that pop up as fast as I can. Most of the times I have had bug patches up within a day or two (Longest being 3 days) but I cannot fix what I do not know is there.