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Changed the Trophy Bonuses in order to make them more interesting and usefull.

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I disliked the always repeating bonuses of the trophies so I switched them up a bit. I also increased a bit their strength as i felt 5% does not really do anything worthwhile.

Tested to work with Patch 1.08

Link to the Table in case it does not show fully: Table

Some quests apparently give out the wrong trophies, which does make the trophy bonuses appear to be switched, which they technically are not.
Just so you know where to find the other trophy with the other bonus.

Installation 1 (quickest)
//this install is for patch 1.08 as stated above
//someone made an update in the comments
//will update everything when i pick the game back up (havent found the time to play or mod since NG+)

This works as long as you dont have conflicting Mods. [If you use multiple mods I suggest Installation 2 even if they don’t conflict for easier Management down the road.]

Just go to"The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt \ content \ content0 \ bundles" and replace
your local xml.bundle with the xml.bundle you can download here.
(Backup your localxml.bundle somewhere so you can uninstall the mod simply by switching the
places of the 2 xml.bundle)


Installation 2 [Installation if you run multiple Mods, also standardisation of the Mod installing Progress
for all Mods which support it.]

Mod-Standardisation as suggested in this reddit post, is now available. Download the Optional File "Import Files" instead of the Main File in order to make use of it. For more information read the post, and also the link it contains to the base modding tutorial. There you can also get your quickbms related modding tools if you don’t have them already.

Step by Step:

Create a "Mods" Folder in your "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt" install directory.

In this Folder put the extracted "TrophiesRedone" Folder among your other mods ,aswell as the quickbms.exe and the
As mentioned in the post these tools are always the same and you only ever need a single up to date copy for all witcher mods, so if you have them already from some other mod or source you can continue using those.
[Make sure the .bms file is named, otherwise copy it and name the copy]

If you do not have them download the quickbms.exe and HERE(Nexus) or HERE(quickbms-creator)

Open the "TrophiesRedone" Folder now and launch the TrophiesRedoneInstaller.

The following screen should pop up. (Might need a second or two.)

Press return to quit, the mod is now installed. --> Have Fun
To Uninstall just launch the uninstaller.


Improving the mod:
If you have any ideas for improving the mod / want different bonuses for a certain piece / want
certain Bonuses to be stronger or weaker -let me know.


  • Doppler: Was 0.2 Armor Reduction (was supposed to be 20%), fixed now and gives 64 Armor Reduction.
  • Removed all bonuses which would never work, or would only occasionally work.
  • Switched and replaced bonuses in order to improve consistency within the mod and with the game lore.
  •  Changed Bonus Values to fit Values of already existing ingame items in order to be consistent, decreased them if they were to powerful, increased them if they were meaningless.
  • Trophies are now WitcherGear

    The Trophies in Detail:
  • Cave Troll: Was 20% XP Bonus to Monster Kills -- Now 20% Bonus to Heavy Attack.
  • Drowned-Dead: It second Bonus (Crit Chance) was reduced from 10% to 5%.
  • Minion / Wild Hunt Hound: It second Bonus (Crit Chance) was reduced from 10% to 5%.
  • Forktail: Reduced the 20% Attack Power Bonus to 15%
  • Fogling: Increased the Burning Ressistance Bonus from 10% to 50%.                                                                                                                                 As it comes rarely ever to use ,and 10% does not really do much, t is also the reason why default game items usually carry 100% straight up immunity. I did not want to make those items obsolete so i choose 50%, which i think does have a significant effect in the rare cases in which it is useful ,but does not take away use from the items with burning immunity.
  • Fiend: Added 5% Crit Chance to match the other trophies with ressis-bonuses to unimportant ressis.
  • Lamia / Ekhidna: Was 20% Bonus to Queen -- Now doubles your breath.
  • Bies: Added 40 max carry weight.
  • Erynie: Was 20% Bonus to Axii -- Now 20% Bonus to Fast Attacks.
  • Water Hag: Was 250 Vitality -- Now Quen Blocks Arrow and 20% Bonus XP for killing Humans (Matches now the Grave Hag except that this one gives the Bonus XP for killing Humans and the Grave Hag for killing Monsters.)
  • Cockatrice: Reduced the Armor Bonus from 50 to 40.
  • Ekimmara: Was doubled Vitality regeneration (Which was buggy at best, non functional at worst) -- Now 250 Vitality
  • The 3 Gryffin Trophies: Exchanged the 5/10/15% returned Damage (which never ever returned anything), with 5/10/15% Bonus to Quen.
  • Succubus: Was Double Breath -- Now 20% Bonus to Axii
  • Noonwraith: Was 20% Bonus to Yrden -- Now 15%
  • Noonwraith (2) Was 30% Bonus to Yrden -- Now 25%

  • Nekker Trophy: Was 20% Bonus Herbs, Now 10%Bonus Armor
  • Nekker Warrior Trophy: Was 20% Ressis against slashing Damage, Now 15% Bonus Armor
  • Drowner Trophy: Now with extra 10% Critical Hit Chance
  • Minion Trophy: Now with extra 10% Critical Hit Chance
  • Leshy (2) Trophy: Was 20% now 15% Ressis against Monster
  • Royal WyvernTrophy: Was 30% Igni Spell Bonus, Now 20% Igni Spell Bonus and 10% Fire Damage Bonus
  • Gravehag Trophy:Quen now blocks Arrows
  • Fogling Trophy: Nowwith 10% Burning Ressistance
  • Bies Trophy: Was20% Yrden Spell Power, Now 40% Bonus Herb Chance
  • Ekimmara Trophy:Was 10% Adrenaline Point gain, Now doubles out of Combat Vitality Regen
  • Arachas Trophy: Now10% Adrenaline Point gain instead of default
  • Gryphon Trophies1,2 and 3 now with more Dismemberment and a bit of reflected Damage, instead of default dismemberment
  • Katakan Trophy: Now20% Critical Hit Chance instead of Default
  • Dao Trophy: Now 30%Critical Hit Damage Bonus instead of Default
  • Succubus Trophy:Now double Breath instead of Default
  • Noonwraith 1 and 2Trophy: Now 20%/30% Yrden Spell Power instead of Default
  • Doppler Trophy: Now20% Enemy Armor Reduction Bonus

  • Leshy and Leshy(2) now give only 10% and 20%ressistance against monsters