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Brings the volumetric clouds of Kaer Morhen to Skellige

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12.03.2017: Mod now compatible with Bootstrap!
Hey everyone,
happy to announce that my mod is now compatible with Bootstrap  (many thanks to rmemr and erxv!)

Boostrap in a nutshell:
  • Boostrap is a great utility by fellow member rmemr, providing a standard way to start/loadup simple script mods like mine without modifying vanilla scripts!

Advantages for you:
  • less incompatibilities, as my mod no longer modifies any vanilla scripts -> compatible with any mod now!
  • Bootstrap (at the date of writing this) modifies one single vanilla script (, but it's easier to merge than my own mod was in the past!
  • my mod itself works for any game version now! (you only need to get the correct version of Bootstrap for your game version)


Step 1: If you have not done so already, install Bootstrap (Details, copied from Bootstrap description):
1. Pick the script-hook package (as of today the other packages has issues) and merge the script ( if required.

2. Unzip package into your witcher game directory (so dlc folder content
from package goes into witcher 3/dlc folder and mod folder content from
package goes into witcher 3/mod folder)

3. Add content from "mods/modBootstrap/modBootstrap.input.settings" from the downloaded package into the input.settings file in your "MyDocuments/The Witcher 3/input.settings" to the end of the file (it will be reordered after startup anyway)

Step 2: Install my mod:

  • Unzip package into your witcher game directory (so "DLC" folder content
    from package goes into witcher 3/DLC folder and "mods" folder content from
    package goes into witcher 3/mods folder)
  • Add the following line to the file "mods/modBootstrap/content/scripts/local/" from your W3 game directory:

It should look like this:

17.09.2016: Update for new patch 1.31 ;)

Added an updated mod file fully compatible with the most current game version 1.31.
Be sure to closely read this description and the sticky post in the comment sections.
And, as always, thank you for your interest in my mod and your support!


In The Witcher 3 one of the most beautiful regions to me has been Kaer Morhen ever since I first arrived there. I realized that one reason for this are the beautiful volumetric clouds you can see wrapping around all the mountains in the distance.
This made me think if these clouds also could be added to Skellige, because I think they fit in there very well and if you look at older footage of the game, there was a point where volumetric clouds were also present there.
So this mod does exactly that: it adds volumetric clouds to a huge number of locations all over Skellige. It took me several months to create this mod because I have placed all of these clouds individually with a great emphasis on accuracy while trying to avoid any clipping or other issues.
Additionally, I put a lot of work into tweaking their color and lighting parameters as much as possible to ensure that the clouds look natural during any kind of weather or time of day.
Apart from the volumetric clouds I also included a different kind of larger distant fog which adds even more to the cold and wild atmosphere of the Skellige islands.
I really hope that those of you willing to try my mod will enjoy it as much as I do.
So, have fun!


Installation is very straightforward:
Simply extract the downloaded archive and put the folder “modVolumetricClouds” into the mod folder of your game

If your game has no mod folder yet, because you’ve never used a mod before, simply create a new folder called “Mods”under you Witcher 3 main directory:

Example: D:\GOGGames\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods

Conflicts: Any mod altering the game’s“” script file

This mod alters a script called in order to automatically spawn clouds on game load up. Many other mods, such as
Ultimate Lighting Mod (Redux) or The Appearances Menu Mod modify the same script.
So, if you have any other mods installed, which modify, you’ll have to merge my mod’s file
with the one existing in your “Mods” folder.

I recommend to use Script Merger to do this, as it should easily be able to merge my mod into your existing ones
You can also easily identify the locations I added to

There are three additions I made and all of them are enclosed by the following line of comment:
// Volumetric Clouds over Skellige

Here are some screenshots showing the exact location of where my additions to should be:

 Modification 1

Modification 2

Modification 3


Simple again:

Just remove the folder “modVolumetricClouds” from your game’s mod folder.

In case you had to merge my mod with any other mod altering the file “”,
you’ll also have to erase the additions my mod introduced into that file.

Simply search for “// Volumetric Clouds overSkellige” (I recommend using Notepad++ in conjunction with WitcherScript Syntax Highlighter
). You should find three locations enclosed by this line.

Delete these sections enclosed by the mentioned comment. REFER TO THE DETAILED SCREENSHOTS IN THE INSTALLATION PART ABOVE, to be absolutely sure what to remove ;)
Alternatively, you can use Witcher Script Merger to simply unmerge any conflicts that mention “modVolumetricClouds”.


Special thanks to CD PROJEKT RED
You guys created the single most amazing piece of entertainment I have ever had the chance to experience. And for that I really cannot thank you enough!

to the modding community at the official Witcher 3 forums

to Sarcen for creating the mod editor without which this project would not have been possible

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