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Remember the Isle of Mists? Remember the alien worlds when you followed Avallac'h through the portals? Have you ever wanted to return to those places?

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What's this mod about?

Remember the Isle of Mists? Remember the alien worlds when you followed Avallac'h through the portals in "Through Time And Space" quest? If you don't remember any of what I just mentioned, then maybe you shouldn't use this mod as you may not have advanced far enough in your quest and this might spoil upcoming parts of the game. But if you do remember, have you ever wanted to return to those places? Well, that's pretty much what this mod is about, to allow you to revisit the only places in The Witcher 3 that you can't reach outside of the quests that took you there in the first place.

Exactly which places are we talking about?

Here's a summary of the places you can visit with this mod:

  • The Isle of Mists

    An enchanted island near Skellige, where Ciri (Zirael) hid from the Wild Hunt. The isle is very mysterious, as it is not marked on maps and most people don't know it exists. No humans or non-humans are known to live there, though there is a small hut on the island.

  • Ddiddiwedhl Desert

    The 1st location in the quest "Through Time And Space". Formerly the bottom of a great sea, long consumed to the last drop by it's former inhabitants, now a desert in every direction. Beware of the sand crabs!

  • Dark Valley

    The 2nd location in the quest "Through Time And Space". A valley covered by strange rock formations and odd species of flora which release toxic gases.

  • Underwater Ruins

    The 3rd location in the quest "Through Time And Space". Unknown place, the ruins seem to be from part of a submerged Aen Elle city.

  • Tedd Deireadh

    The 4th location in the quest "Through Time And Space". The Time of the End, the world destroyed by the White Frost, engulfed in an eternal blizzard. An inevitable fate for all worlds, though at differing stages of their existence.

  • The Palace of Awakening

    The 5th and last location in the quest "Through Time And Space". Viceroy Ge'els' palace, named Palace of Awakening, formerly the Moon Palace, overlooking Tir ná Lia, the capital of the world of the Aen Elle. The river Easnadh runs through it.

  • Mirrors Palace

    Gaunter O'Dimm, Master Mirror, takes Geralt to another dimension, a palace of illusions where twisted ladders lead nowhere.

  • White Orchard (winter season)

    White Orchard is a well-to-do village famous for its fruit orchards. There is a Nilfgaardian garrison Head Quartered in the Northwest of the region near the mouth of the river. It's now winter season and everything is covered in snow.

  • Land of a Thousand Fables

    Geralt is not in Kansas anymore. He is transported to a fantasy land where several fables are referenced.

  • The Duchy of Toussaint 

    The map from Blood & Wine DLC (spoilers, obviously).

  • The Unseen Elder's Lair

    Takes place in the lair of The Unseen Elder of Toussaint, who is guarding the gate between the realm of the vampires and the human world.

  • CDProjekt RED's team photo

    Located at the top of the highest mountain in Toussaint is a canvas with a photo of the development team.

NOTE: Blood & Wine DLC map is particularly interesting because you can travel almost the entire map, even out of bounds, without falling through the floor/ground.

How do I use the mod?

The mod works pretty much like any normal mod but with the need for additional key bindings. These key bindings may be customized by yourself or you can download the one that I already provide in the optional files section. If you download the key bindings, then you must extract the file input.settings and replace the one in your \Documents\The Witcher 3\ folder. Using the mappings in the sample file, you can go to the places mentioned with the following keys:

  • CTRL key + Num0: Teleport to the Isle of Mists (clear weather)
  • CTRL key + Num1: Teleport to the Isle of Mists (original misty weather)
  • CTRL key + Num2: Teleport to the desert, the 1st world during the "Through Time And Space" main quest
  • CTRL key + Num3: Teleport to the dark valley, the 2nd world during the "Through Time And Space" main quest
  • CTRL key + Num4: Teleport to the underwater ruins, the 3rd world during the "Through Time And Space" main quest
  • CTRL key + Num5: Teleport to the blizzard world, the 4th world during the "Through Time And Space" main quest
  • CTRL key + Num6: Teleport to Ge'els' palace, the 5th and last world during the "Through Time And Space" main quest
  • CTRL key + Num7: Teleport to the Mirrors Palace, where Geralt finds Gaunter O'Dimm (Master Mirror)
  • CTRL key + Num8: Teleport to White Orchard where it's winter season and everything is covered in snow
  • CTRL key + Num9: Teleport to the Land of a Thousand Fables
  • CTRL key + Num *: Teleport to The Duchy of Toussaint
  • CTRL key + Num -: Teleport to The Unseen Elder's Lair (teleport to the deepest levels)

Note: CTRL refers to the one located on the left of your keyboard, not the one on the right.
Note: Num * refers to the asterisk key located in your numeric pad.
Note: Num - refers to the minus key located in your numeric pad. This key has dual usage, on the one hand it teleports you to the cave that leads to the Unseen Elder's lair, on the other hand, as the vampire is guarding the lair, if you are inside the lair then this key teleports through the Unseen Elder to the deepest levels.

What if I want to change the keys?

The entries bellow show the calls to the specific actions in this mod, you can change any binding to another, here are the default ones I used:

  • IK_LCjavascript-event-stripped(Action=FW_Enabled)
  • IK_NumPad0=(Action=FW_IsleOfMistsCW)
  • IK_NumPad1=(Action=FW_IsleOfMists)
  • IK_NumPad2=(Action=FW_Desert)
  • IK_NumPad3=(Action=FW_DarkValley)
  • IK_NumPad4=(Action=FW_UnderwaterRuins)
  • IK_NumPad5=(Action=FW_EternalCold)
  • IK_NumPad6=(Action=FW_AenElle)
  • IK_NumPad7=(Action=FW_MirrorsPalace)
  • IK_NumPad8=(Action=FW_WhiteOrchardW)
  • IK_NumPad9=(Action=FW_FantasyLand)
  • IK_NumStar=(Action=FW_Toussaint)
  • IK_NumMinus=(Action=FW_Unseen)

As I mentioned earlier, a sample input.settings file with these bindings has been uploaded for this mod.
In case you're interested, those entries above are included in the following sections in the input.settings file:












When I press the keys nothing happens!
There are only two reasons for that to happen, either you're trying to teleport while sailing (using a boat) or there is a conflict with another mod. Mind you that conflicts between mods don't always give an error when running the game, these silent conflicts do happen though. I advise you to always use Script Merger to check for possible conflicts between mods and resolve them easily.

Can I use this mod to teleport using the Debug Command Console?
Yes, you can.
Below is a list of commands, some of which are not available as keybindings:

  • gotoIsleOfMists - Isle Of Mists (original weather)
  • gotoIsleOfMists(1) - Isle Of Mists (clear weather)
  • gotoDesert - Through Time And Space - World 1 (Ddiddiwedhl Desert)
  • gotoDarkValley - Through Time And Space - World 2 (Dark Valley)
  • gotoUnderwaterRuins - Through Time And Space - World 3 (Underwater Ruins)
  • gotoEternalCold - Through Time And Space - World 4 (Tedd Deireadh, winter world)
  • gotoAenElle - Through Time And Space - World 5 (Palace of Awakening, overlooking Tir ná Lia)
  • gotoMirrorsPalace - Mirrors Palace from "Whatsoever a Man Soweth..." final quest
  • gotoWhiteOrchard - White Orchard (original weather)
  • gotoWhiteOrchard(1) - White Orchard (winter weather, same as 'gotoPrologueWinter' command)
  • gotoFantasyLand - "Land of a Thousand Fables" from "Beyond Hill and Dale" quest
  • gotoToussaint - Duchy of Toussaint, where Geralt initially is introduced to the B&W map
  • gotoUnseen - Enter the Unseen Elder's lair (use it again when close to his chambers to teleport past him)
  • gotoCDPTeam - Teleport to Toussaint's highest mountain and see CDPR's team photo on a canvas

Important notes
Since you're teleporting yourself to places that are due to appear only during quests, not everything will be exactly or as interactive as you'd expect it to be. Sometimes elements are even absent from scenes because they have not been triggered by the quest itself or have since been removed after the quest terminated.

The quest level Mirrors Palace is a bit bugged, to a point that I found it an interesting place to create a challenge without even programming a quest, just a basic challenge open to whomever is interested in it. These are the objectives and rules for this challenge:

    1. Start video-recording your gameplay (no cuts, editing or post-processing allowed);
    2. Teleport yourself to the Mirrors Palace (CTRL+7 or gotoMirrorsPalace);
    3. Escape the Mirrors Palace on foot (you can use Roach whenever possible);
    4. Find your way to the Nilfgaardian Army Group 'Center' Camp and go inside Quartermaster Eggebracht's tent.
    5. Stop your video recording;
    6. Upload your gameplay video to Youtube and share it with me through a PM while other players try their luck;

NOT Allowed
  • Using a savegame where you haven't completed the HoS quest called "Whatsoever a Man Soweth" (you can request one if you don't have it)
  • Hacks, cheats or mods (apart this one) of any kind, mainly not ones that allow you to fly, teleport, spawn yourself or objects, fast travel or turn you invincible.