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  1. misio0123
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    I run this program and it working and i use the tutorial how to set settings in there, but on my graphic card GeForce 9800 GT (512MB) even on lowest settings The Witcher 3 hasn't run.
    Can someone do the list or can help me how to set to run this game on my pc?
    CPU: Inter Core2 Quad CPU Q8300 2.50GHz
    4 GB RAM - 2x2GB
    NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT (Memory 512 MB; Memory Speed 900 MHz; Memory Bus 256 Bit; Memory Type GDDR3;
    Memory Bandwidth 57.6GB/sec; L2 Cache 0KB)
    More about GPU in here (

    Thanks for anyone how's ready to help!
    1. Walteriusmaximus
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      Are you even serious??? Your PC can't run the game! Time to upgrade.
  2. Gulemar
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    in the DLC tab the dlcs 4 and 6 are disabled, should I not enable them?
  3. MereanaMordegard
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    how to enable msaa??
  4. H4fizoKur0saki
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    Somebody plz help me! I can't run this mod on my GOG version of the game. Last time it was updated was 2017
  5. Bennyguy
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    Here is a link to a video that shows how to use this tool, just in case anyone needs help with the settings.

    And here is a Nvidia link for graphic setting for W3.

    Also for me when this game was first released years back I used a gtx465 with only 1 gig of ddr5 ram to run this masterpiece of a game.I also had an AMD-8350 processor with a Sabertooth mainboard and 8 gigs of ram. But it worked great back then because of the ddr5 ram. But, I wish I had this tool as well back then.
  6. Balrogos
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    Any README?
  7. Pavlefull35
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    I need help. Whenever i edit almost anything especially MIP BIAS( had it on -0,4 now its on 1) it works but changes TEXTURE QUALITY to LOW. And when i change it to High it reverts the Mip Any way to change that so it is permanent without damaging the graphics?
  8. kryex
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  9. cracktober
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  10. fiboss
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    Guys Can you Help me what SweetFX Does?
    1. Darkjesusmn
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      its a shader mod, simalar to ENB, but works on more platforms