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Tool for Configuring/Tweaking
Optional: SweetFX for slightly less saturation

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W3HC is deprecated. It does not work with newer versions of Witcher 3 anymore. Sorry :(

Short time before release day I started to work on a tweaking tool.
Initially it was available for friends only, but why not for the community?

W3HC - Witcher 3 - Hunter's Config is a tool for configuring/tweaking Witcher 3. It only changes the values of 11 INI-files and the user.settings-file. So it's only a GUI that makes raw text more readable.

Optional: I add my SweetFX preset for slightly less saturation.

• Configure e.g hidden settings of Witcher 3
• Backup/Restore/Reset your config-files
• Install/Edit/Uninstall SweetFX

Just extract the downloaded ZIP archive and copy the files and folders directly into your The Witcher 3-installation folder

Now there are two versions of W3HC, you only need on of them:
"Standalone" Application [.exe] - incl. JRE, i.e. No Java installation needed!
Runnable Java file [.jar] - Requires Java 7 (or higher)

At following paths you will find your backup files:
INI files: <Witcher 3 installation>\bin\config\base\Backup\
User settings: C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\The Witcher 3\Backup\

• FRAPS and other overlay apps in combination with SweetFX could cause a crash!
MSAA never will working for this time...
• Make sure the user.settings-file is NOT set to read-only
• Maybe you have to run W3HC*.exe as Administrator
• You have to run the game at least one time and quit it with the "normal menu way" before using W3HC!

This should only be a temporary solution, because CD Project is going to be release his own tweaking tool/integration,
but until then: Have fun with this one ;-)