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This mod change Geralt to playable Human and some other Characters.
(Attention!! Mod is not perfect, Character has GERALT's animations during combat actions (during casting signs in optional woman combat) and in some parts of dialogs and cutscenes and there are some T-pose bugs with npc womans (For WOMAN SECTION).

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  • English
 Geralt Doppler Ver 1.5 (Patch 1.31)

Project officially closed
(everyone may use this mod or its parts in other works)

This mod change playable Geralt to another humanoid character appearance and make it easy to customize him as you like. There are 3 sections of the mod: 

1) Woman section, for switching to woman character. 
2) Man section, for switching to man character. 
3) ManHead section, for switching to only man's head (You can use ALL Geralt's bodies and armors). 

Also there are optional files (adding woman animation combat, retextures for removing a lot of red textures for woman and man sections).

Important information:

For everyone, who have scripts errors!!! It's not a mod's errors, it's problem of compatibility with another script mods (in 90% cases) or abnormal game state, please use script fixing and merging to solve this issues!!!

1) The Mod tested on Steam and GOG version 1.3 and can't guarantee working at another versions. This mod may be incompatible with mods that uses xml and script editing, but must work with most of the other users mods. 

2) Some parts of the clothing have red colours, that different from ingame colours (if you using red retextures some NPC may have different colours from original).

3) Not ALL of the customizing stuff fitting to each other. Make your own character by combining from various parts.

4) There are some mimic issues in few scenes.(Don't know how to fix it yet).

5) The PLAYER HAS GERALT's VOICE. (For ALL Woman or Man characters). To switch it off, mute ingame voice, but it will disable ALL Voices.
In woman section Geralt's freeroam speech and text already disabled (horse, exploration actons). 

6) (For WOMAN SECTION ONLY) Character has GERALT's animations during combat actions and in some parts of dialogs and cutscenes and there are some T-pose bugs with npc womans. 

7) For using another section you need to delete previous files of this mod and install from needed section! You can use ONLY ONE SECTION of the mod simultaneously. If you want to play with another section of the mod, just restart a game with replaced file from another section.

8) To switch back to your default Geralt's head on your save after uninstalling the mod just type in console setcustomhead('head_1'). 

9) Characters work not only in freeroam, but in all story, cutscenes and dialogs too!

10) Optional file with woman combat animation have still Geralt's Sign's casting and Geralt's dodging. This file change balance of combat, fighting becomes more easily, because Geralt can teleport to nearest enemy. 

11) For proper working of the mod strongly recommended to have all DLC.

12) For additional retexturing red Geralt's armor use AMM retextures and Original Witcher sets colors by Scoutbr0.

13) Install optional files (CombatWoman (Only for Woman), Retextures (For Man, ManHead and Woman) only after installing appropriate base sections. Optional files are not conflicts to each other. No voice freeroam and no voce while riding on horse already inside woman section now.

14) If you switch between sections your fav fav characters saved by previous section will be changed to another persons. If you want to save your character sets you may go to Documents\The Witcher 3, open user.settings, find strings started with GD copy them to txt file. After reinstalling section again just delete GD strings
 in user.settings and paste yours. 

15) Some body parts or items may stuck while you creating your character, just reload stucked element by choosing it again. (See video woman section customizing on the mod's page)

16) For now mod incompatible with another mods which use Hidden.xml editing. But you may manually add strings to hidden.xml from another mods, after you'll install Doppler mod.

How To install:

1) If you have previous versions of the mod, delete it. (If you update your game to another version, reinstall the mod!!)

2) If you haven't mods folder in The Witcher 3 folder create it (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\Mods).

3) Unpack GeraltDoppler_Installer.rar. Place GeraltDoppler_Installer (whole folder) to The Witcher 3 directory (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3) and open it. Run BAT file, follow instructions of the installer. Choose your section of the mod. (One from Woman, Man or ManHead)

4) Add strings to file input.settings below category [exploration] (file located in Documents\The Witcher 3) 


How To Uninstall:

1) Open GeraltDoppler_Installer directory. Run BAT file. Choose uninstall options.
2) If you have disappeared head after uninstalling mod, just type in console setcustomhead('head_1'), save your game,
if you want to change hair or beard type, go to the nearest barber!!! ( you need console enabler for this action)

How To Use:

1) Press right arrow on your keyboard while you ingame.

2) Follow ingame menu instructions. (there are 2 menus in the mod - presets for usual and quick customizing and SandBox -  for full and deeply custommizing of your character, each of them have their own fav slots for saving, except ManHead, this section haven't fav slot, but saving your current hair and head after exiting to main menu).You can save sets of favourite characters and switch between them on the fly, mod will save current appearance. The mod save your character automatically after exiting to the MAIN menu!!( not to desktop!!).

Mix and match hair and bodies as you wish and experiment with different appearances.

(Watch Character's Customizing video, screeshots on the page!)Friends! Feel free to make your own characters and sharing picture of him with parts names in the menu on page of the mod! It will be help another users to customize their own characters! I'll hope you like my mod, despite of it's notperfectstate)! Enjoy!

Version history:

Ver 1.5

1) Totally reworked mod's structure. There is ingame menu now (you need console only for enabling head after uninstalling the mod), you can switch your items/parts of the character on the fly.. 
You don't need to type commands to create your person anymore. Your sets of characters will be saved automatically, after exiting to the MAIN menu.
2) Dramatically improved amount of the heads (a lot of NPC heads, from ALL DLC's, it's included succubus heads, Brewess, all elfs heads, witch of lynx rock and others.. and body parts with items for all sections).
3) Added deeply customizing possibilities for the mod (SandBox).
4) Added optional recolours of the red textures (for woman and men sections).
5) Added notoxic fix to woman section (A lot of THANKS maXXXam for his wonderful fix).
6) Fixed dodging in woman section, now player dodging like a Geralt, but with wide shoulders.
7) Added Ciri's ingame sounds (THANKS ZIRAELXX) for this possibilities.
8) Added (users requests) Detlaff, Regis vampire formm, Hermit (elder vampire) and others.
9) Added succubus heads, bodies and parts and others.
10) Fixed Vivienn and Iris heads and necks (vivien's neck still have a bit empty ribbon, can't fix it still).
11) Fixed problems with hairs in ManHead section (Now Geralt's hairs are not appearing).

Ver 1.4.1 
1) Fixed some bugs.2) Added new NPCs.

Ver 1.4.0 beta
1) Working with all DLC and patch 1.21.
2) Added Anna Henrietta and Syanna's heads and bodies in woman section (except Annas's dresses). Added Detlaff (without eyes and Damien with head and bodies)

Ver 1.3.1
1) Added optional file for muting Geralt's freeroam speech and text.2) Added optional file with woman's combat animation.

Ver 1.3
1) Change command typing structure.
2) Improved mod's working mechanism. (You can change character's head straight in game, (for one section type) without restarting and replacing files)
3) Added three mod's sections (Woman, Man, ManHead).
4) Seriously extended all customization variants. (Added many characters, clothing and hairs)
Bug fixes in version 1.3:
1) Fixed bug with non working bell in Princess's bell. (q103_bell)
2) Fixed jumping camera bug. (Camera not followed the player while jumping and moving without a weapon).
3) Fixed starting walk with sword bug.
4) Fixed bug with riding on horse with weapon.
5) Fixed bugs with floating hairs and "melting" heads. (I hope i really removed this nasty problem.)
6) Must work with all DLC armor now.
7) Must work with NEW GAME+ now.

Ver 1.2a
1) Improved some cutscenes and dialogs animation (have several bugs with another woman's animations). Added ingame Geralt's face mimic animations.

Ver 1.2
1) Change command typing structure. Expanded hair customization, expanded body customization. Added Ciri, Yennefer and Shani faces (optional).

Ver 1.1a
1) Change command typing structure. Added hair customization, expanded body customization.

Ver. 1.1
1) Fix some T pose in Cutscene2) You can switch Ciri appearance like in console extention mod by typing in console Triss1(1.1) or Triss1(1,2)...

Special thanks to Creators of Witcher 3 for such perfect game and ModKit, Sarcen for his Witcher 3 mod Editor, SkacikPL for his console mod extention.Thanks to diblob for helping and all of people for supporting and responds! Thanks a lot to ritchieblackmore for his active answering and helping to users, thanks him for testing of the mod!!

A HUGE THANKS a lot to BRIARBIRD, RICHIEBLACKMORE for supporting, advising, testing and helping!!

A lot of thanks to CAPA14 for his PERFECTLY AMM MOD!!!

SPECIAL THANKS to ZIRAELXX for common testing, much helping, creating of some parts of the mod, for creationg perfect retextures for woman sections and for supporting for a lot of time, during creating of the update!!!
VERY VERY SPECIAL THANKS to my friend JOSELMOCS, without him, his programming .. this version of the mod with SUPER MENU and it's possibilities would be only in dreams!!!!!