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Replaces the boring vanilla trophies bonuses

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Simply replaces the boring vanilla trophies bonuses.  Each trophy now has a unique bonus and 5% bonus damage to the enemy of the same type. 


Carmerlengo (B&W Expansion) - 3% Critical hit chance, 30% Critical hit dmg, 5% dmg to humans and non humans
Shealmaar (B&W Expansion) - 12% Armor, 5% dmg to relicts
Golyat (B&W Expansion) - 10% Attack power, 8% life, 5% dmg to ogroids
Slyzard (B&W Expansion) - 16% Igni Intensity, 20% Burning resistance, 5% dmg to draconids
Silver Basilisk (B&W Expansion) - 8% Monster resistance, 10% bonus xp from monsters, 5% dmg to draconids
Grottore (B&W Expansion) - 10% Sign Intensity, 40% Chance to find additional herbs, 5% dmg to relicts
Garkain (B&W Expansion) - 20 life Regeneration, 20% Bleeding resistance, 5% dmg to vampires
Wight (B&W Expansion)  - 25% Poison Resistance, 10% Bonus gold, 5% dmg to necrophages
Conserved Shealmaar (HoS Expansion) - 4% Critical hit chance, 5% dmg to human and non humans 
King of the Swineheard's Crown (HoS Expansion) - 40% Critical hit damage, 5% dmg to beast
Nekker Warrior - 12% Attack power, 5% dmg to ogroids
Succubus - 12% Sign intensity, 5% dmg to hybrids
Wyvern - 12% Adrenaline point gain, 5% dmg to draconids
Wyvern - 25% Burning Resistance, 5% dmg to draconids
Ekimmmara - 25% Bleeding Resistance, 5% dmg to vampires
Katakan - 15 Life regeneration, 5% dmg to vampires
Wildhunt - 50 Armor piercing, 5% dmg to elementas
Arachas - 20 Toxity, 5% dmg to insectoids
Leshen - 50% Chance to find additional herbs, 5% dmg to relicts
Earth Elemental - 10% Armor, 5% dmg to elementas
Cocaktris - 10 Max Stamina (which also gives 1 stamina regen), 5% dmg to draconids
Cave Troll - 10% Life, 5% dmg to ogroids
Doppler - 15% Bonus gold, 5% dmg to relicts
Chort - 10% bonus xp to monsters/humans/nonhumans, 5% dmg to relicts
Noonwraith - 20% Quen intensity, 5% dmg to specters
Noonwraith - 20% Igni intensity, 5% dmg to specters
Nightwraith - 20% Axii intensity, 5% dmg to specters
Wraith - 20% Yrden intesnity, 5% dmg to specters
Waterhag - 20% Aard intensity, 5% dmg to necrophages
Gravehag - 40% Chance for Quen to reflect projectiles, 5% dmg to necrophages
Foglet - 10% Elemental resistance, 5% dmg to necrophages
Ekhilda - 10% Slashing resistance, 5% dmg to hybrids
Leshen -10% Bludgening resistance, 5% dmg to relicts
Forktial - 10% Piercing resistance, 5% dmg to draconids
Fiend - 10% Monster resistance, 5% dmg to relicts
ArchGriffin - 6% Attack power/Sign Intensity/Adrenaline, 5% dmg to hybrids
Griffin -4% Attack power/Sign Intensity/Adrenaline , 5% dmg to hybrids
Griffin - 40 Carry weight, 5% dmg to hybrids

Note that some effects (attack power, sign intensity, life) may not show up on your stat sheet right away but if you simply exit the inventory completely and go back in it will update.  It's just a display issue the first time you equip the trophy.


V2.0  Added Blood and Wine Trophies.  Small buffs so some old trophies.  Includes Carmerlengo trophy fix thanks for Katalysis.
v1.43 Changed 100 armor flat value to 10% armor.  Makes it better balanced for different stages of the game.
v1.41 Changed carry weight to 40 to better match the values I'm balancing against.
v1.4   Added carry weight to Griffin trophy.  Changes to life regen and toxity values.
v1.3   Added missing Wyvern Trophy.  Some  abilities changed, moved.
v1.2   Added missing Leshen Trophy.  Some minor balance changes.
v1.1   Fixed Nekker Trophy wrong damage to enemy type.  Some balance changes.
v1.0   Initial release.


Move into your mods folder.  Not compatible with any mod that also changes trophies, obviously.


Delete "modBetterTrophies" inside your mods folder.  Contains no scripts, just xml edits.  Vanilla values will return as soon as you delete the mod.


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