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Talk to any crafting merchant to break down your junk into raw materials (Iron, Silver, etc.).

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Tired of trying to track down junk items lost somewhere in your inventory? Short on Iron or Silver and frustrated you can't melt down that sackful of silver jewelry you've been carting around? Well I may just have something you'll appreciate then.

This mod adds the option to dismantle each junk item for raw materials via the crafting screen. Each junk item is both the schematic and ingredient for the crafting process, so there's no need to purchase additional schematics or alter any of the vendors.

Eventually I plan on expanding this a bit to include custom items and trophies that can be crafted from sets of the rarer junk items, but I need to get a handle on adding new icons and translation strings first. For now, I just hope that this makes dealing with junk items a tad less painful for everyone.

Version 0.2, updated June 4th, 2011.

Feedback on pricing and balance is particularly welcome. For the moment breaking down items is fairly cheap regardless of the material produced, but if enough people feel this makes silver ore and iron ore too easy to obtain I might make a version where it is more expensive.