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About this mod

A re-upload of the FCR2 mod created by the inimitable Andrzej "Flash" Kwiatkowski in response to slow/unreliable downloads from the RedKit site.

Permissions and credits
Note:  You must start a new game with this mod for it to be fully functional. Otherwise it will screw up your skill tree and level progression.


I had an incredibly difficult time attempting to download FCR2 from its official source, with the download progressing slowly and frequently stopping prematurely. I do not offer technical support for the mod.

Per the original description:
I do not grant permission for this mod to be released from or hosted on any site other than, and
Currently the file is not available on or so I am uploading it here in the hopes that people interested in using this mod will be able to download it. If I have misunderstood the permissions listed on the source page this upload will be removed. What follows is the original description proved by the mod author.

Full Combat Rebalance 2
The Witcher 2 Mod

This is a general combat tweak and bug fix mod. The main goal was to increase Geralt’s responsiveness and mobility.

  • I do not grant permission for this mod to be released from or hosted on any site other than, and
  • You can inco[r]porate this mod with yours as long as you link to original files.
  • Requires The Witcher 2 : Enhanced Edition patched to version 3.4.
  • This is a private afterwork project. It is not a patch.
  • Instructions how to localize the mod can be found in translation.txt file. You can easily translate it yourself.
  • Parry animations for moving and walking were done by Tomek Zawada from CDPR.
  • Czech translation made by Baal_CZ.
  • Russian translation made by Delamer.
  • Polish translation made by Rustine.

Personal favorite mods to play with FCR2

--Andrzej Kwiatkowski