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This mod reduces the cooldown of medallion from 10 seconds to 1 seconds.

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This mod is for those people who like to spam the medallion to see their surrounding, but don't want to wait 10 seconds to do so. I've reduced the cooldown to 1 second.

## Installation ##

This mod alters the base_script.dzip file, so I highly recommended you to edit your own base_script.dzip so that it will be compatible with other mods that use this same file.

1. Download Gibbed's Red Tools Download RED Tools here
2. Extract the base_script.dzip file by dragging the file to the Gibbed.RED.Unpack.exe ( CREATE A BACKUP FILE FIRST). You will then see a folder with the same name.
3. Copy and replace into  base_scripts\game\player folder
4. Pack the folder ( dragging it to Gibbed.RED.Pack.exe )
5. Paste the modified dzip file into CookedPC folder in The Witcher 2 directory

## Compatibility ##

This mod doesn't compatible to other mod that edit file inside base_script.dzip, and I don't know which other mods did that

I have another mod that I will upload ( Fist Fight QTE Timer Increased ) so if anyone who want the modified base_script.dzip file instead of editing their own file, I'll compile them both.