Two Talents Per Level by luckysoldier13
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Added: 15/02/2014 - 03:34AM
Updated: 08/04/2016 - 02:27PM

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Last updated at 14:27, 8 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 3:34, 15 Feb 2014

First of all, the mod I got the idea for this from is Extra talents per Lv, by kalpa2004, which gives Geralt three talents per level so that every single skill can be maxed out. If you want more than two talents, go give that mod a look!

The reason I made my mod is because I enjoyed having more than one talent to spend at a time, but didn't want my game to become overpowered. In addition, some people had requested a version with only two talents to be made. So here is a version that gives Geralt an extra talent per level, which I have tested on my own game and made it through the entire game with.

How To Install:
Pretty simple, just go into CookedPC, backup your base_scripts.dzip, and then unzip my mod and drag base_scripts.dzip from my mod into CookedPC. That's it! Although you will not get talents for levels you have already reached, any level achieved after installing this mod will give you 2 talents.

316peti created an updated version of the mod that should work with the respec quest and work better with newer versions of the game. Possibility of it not working with older versions of the game, so if it doesn't work for you then try using the old file. And thanksĀ 316peti for updating it and giving permission to add to the downloads!