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This mod makes Geralt lose all items imported from W1 after the prologue. Also includes new Aerondight model taken from W3.

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In the vannilla game, items imported from Witcher 1 get useless pretty fast. In case of Aerondight and Raven's armor, which are presented as one of the best equipments and weapons in the Witcher world, this is especially frustrating.
And what's more, Aerondight, the most iconic sword of the series, doesn't even have a unique model in this game. Just improving the stats of these items to make them more powerful however breaks the game's balance and takes the fun out of finding new items. And in Witcher 3, it is implied that Geralt lost Aerondight. What better chance to do so than in the dragon's mouth?

Therefore, I have made "Imported Items Overhaul".

Detailed changes:

Added a unique model for Aerondight, taken from Witcher 3. Complete with new inventory icon.
In the battle with the dragon, Geralt now loses the silver sword used in the cutscene (currently equipped).
After the prison break sequence, Geralt gets back all his inventory items, except the imported items from Witcher 1. This is to uphold the game's original balance and explain why Geralt gets back Aerondight in Witcher 3.


- new Aerondight model from Witcher 3
- script change to make Geralt lose his currently equipped sword in dragon cutscene
- new script function to remove imported items after end of prologue
- script call at start of first Act to have Geralt equip default items shown in the Dandelion intro
- if Geralt loses the default silver sword during the dragon battle, he will have no silver sword at the start of Act 1, making it possible to play through the quest "A Sword for Monsters"
- compatible with ProjectMersey


Just copy the extracted "CookedPC" folder from the archive to your "The Witcher 2" directory.

If ProjectMersey is installed as a .dzip, you will have to use the .dzip version of this mod as well and activate "ZZZ_ImportedItemsOverhaul.dzip" in the game's launcher/configurator.

This mod uses a changed base_scripts.dzip (based on ProjectMersey). If you already have other mods installed changing this file, make sure to merge the contents and not just overwrite. I have uploaded the loose script file containing the new functions.

If there are any other conflicts when copying, make sure to compare the files before overwriting.

Have fun!