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Adds three armors (Forswearer Armor, Temerian Leather Jacket, Manticore Armor) as a new items to Rise of the White Wolf

Permissions and credits
As you probably know, Rise of the White Wolf have optional file with alternative textures for excellent leather jacket that gives it unique, dark look and an extra headband. Few years back, when i talked to RotWW devs, they revealed to me, that it was initially supposed to be a separate item, acquired in Chapter IV, and in fact they had an extra one lying on their hard drive, that got cut when they decided to not add new items.

So i decided to try my luck at making this separate armor stuff work and in fact it seems that i succeeded. So here's the mod!

It adds three sets:

Excellent Leather Jacket

It has textures of Forswearer Armor. It is strongly advised to install normal RotWW textures, without Forswearer Optional subfolder, else you'll get two Forswearer armors!
It is sold by Julian in Chapter IV for 4000 Orens.
It reduces 5% more dmg than vanilla Excellent Leather Jacket
Optional subfolder for No-Headband variant included. Remove z_Forswearer_NoHeadband folder if you want to keep it!

Temerian Leather Jacket
It has textures of previously unreleased RotWW Armor Texture, made by Eskadro.
It is sold by Thaler in Chapter II for 1000 Orens.
It reduces 5% more dmg than vanilla armor given by Vesemir in Prologue

Manticore Armor

It has textures of vanilla Excellent Leather Jacket, so it looks like Manticore Armor from Blood and Wine
It is sold by Gems/Rings/Cloth merchant in Vizima Trade Quarter in Chapter III. Guy says he imported his stuff from Toussaint so i figured it's fitting for him to sell pretty leather jacket found somewhere in Northern Nilfgaard.
It reduces the same amount of dmg as vanilla Excellent Leather Jacket
It is strongly advised to have Rise of the White Wolf installed, else it will just look like Excellent Leather Jacket and you really don't wanna have three identical armors in your game.

Additional Balancing

Vanilla Excellent Leather Jacket got renamed to Reinforced Leather Jacket and is still sold by Dwarven and Flaming Rose Blacksmiths for 2000 Orens instead of 5000 Orens. It also reduces 5% less damage. Vanilla Excellent has also lost it's special model, you may not even notice it. Bag and arm studs. Just to make things more diverse, since both New Manticore and New Excellent use studded-model.  

FCR Support

In the folder there is included a subfolder named z_fcrfiles. It contains compatibility files for RotWW+Full Combat Rebalance combo. Or at least i hope so, i haven't tested it much. Armor stats were set at:
Temerian Jacket      -5 dmg reduction
Manticore Armor      -7 dmg reduction
Excellent Leather Jacket      -8 dmg reduction
If you don't play with FCR then please remove z_fcrfiles folder from zz_ArmorAddon

Hiuuz Textures Support

If you want to play with Hiuuz's Manticore Armor (which i strongly advise, as it is great!) then you should open zz_ArmorAddon\Manticore subfolder and remove dds files. Then you paste there Hiuuz's dds files and rename them to have 8 instead of 3 in their name. It should force it_witcharm_008 to use Hiuuz's textures. 

Save Compatibility?

Technically it will work with existing saves. Sorta. Kinda. However - their merchant inventory is generated first time you visit their store and it is baked into save. It might be that it resets after some time, i haven't tested it. It will 100% work if you haven't talked to said merchants. So if you're in the end of Chapter II you will be able to buy Manticore and Forswearer. But Temerian? Probably not. 


P ATROL, Eskadro, Rustine, SMiki55, pawel41lu, Pauvell, rafael01, Scani and UncleArtr for Rise of the White Wolf mod

And special credits along with special thanks to:
Eskadro for creating Temerian Leather Jacket textures 
SMiki and P ATROL for moral support during this endevour