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Enables Geralt to tell Julian about saving Celina. Multi-language support. Compatible and recommended with my Witcher's Hut Mod.

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This mod enables Geralt to tell Julian if he managed to free Celina's soul during the quest "The Heat of the Day".
This is a further developed version of Celina Wreath Fix with new fully voiced dialog lines and support for all language versions.

Get a first impression of the mod by watching the following video:


- adds new dialog to report Celina's salvation to Julian
- dialog text is available in all officially supported languages
- fully voiced dialog available in English, German and French (using edited original voice files)
- improved lip sync
- changes dialog prerequisite for Celina's saving dialog (checks for Wreath of Immortelles in player inventory)
- compatible and highly recommended together with my Witcher's Hut Mod


1. Drop the folder "CelinaJulianFix" into your "The Witcher\Data\Override" directory. If "Override" doesn't exist, create it.
2. Make sure to delete any other versions of files included, especially the original "Celina Wreath fix".
3. If you have previously used my "Celina Wreath hotfix" from the Witcher Hut Mod, delete those files.
4. Optional: Install voiced dialog lines in your preferred language. For now only available in English, German and French.


Credits go to Corylea and flixster, who made/uploaded the original Celina Wreath Fix mod.

Have fun!