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Fixes the inability to report a certain quest outcome in Ch. 4, resulting in Geralt always saying that he failed in a certain task.

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Celina Wreath Fix by Corylea

Non-spoiler description:

This mod fixes the inability to report a certain quest outcome in Ch. 4, resulting in Geralt always saying that he failed to resolve a certain problem.  This mod adds some dialogue to the appropriate conversation.

Download the file, unzip it, and put the contents of the folder it contains into your Override folder. (If you don't have an Override folder, go to your C:\Program Files\The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data directory, create a new folder, and name it "Override.")

Forum Thread:

If you haven't played Chapter 4 yet and don't want any spoilers, don't read this!

If you have played Chapter 4, you know that Geralt can free Celina from being doomed to be forever a nightwraith by finishing the Hermit's quest, selecting the wreath of immortelles as his reward, and having it on him during the confrontation between the sisters during the Heat of the Day quest. We get a nice cutscene of Celina going free, but then afterwards, when Geralt reports in to Julian, he says that he freed Alina's soul but there was nothing he could do for Celina. No matter what you do, you can't report to Julian that you freed Celina; CDPR didn't include any such dialogue in Julian's conversation file.But I have.   With this fix, Geralt can report to Julian that he's set Alina's soul free. Julian will then ask about Celina. If Geralt has freed Celina, he can say that he has done so; if he hasn't, he'll have to say that he couldn't find a way to help her. All of these lines are voiced. Geralt's lines were made by cutting and pasting Geralt's existing lines, so it's Geralt's real voice. Julian's voice is a new recording, and it doesn't sound exactly like him, but it's not too bad. I guess the poor guy got a bit choked up, which isn't surprising, considering the circumstances. In order to make this happen, you need Julian's conversation file, Celina's conversation file, the globaldlgflags file, the five ogg files, and the five say files. The quest updates and completes even if you don't have this fix; this is simply to allow the player the satisfaction of reporting to Julian that Geralt has laid Celina's ghost to rest.