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A very simple mod of a mod. Changes the main mask of Rise of the White Wolf . This will affect the following screens: pause, load, save, options, new game.

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I love the Rise of the White Wolf UI transformation very much. It really gives a wonderfully modern feel and look to the first Witcher. I just wasn't really fond the RotWW mainmask background and decided to make one that suits my taste more. The main mask is the background image that's
used for the pause, load, save, options and new game screens. I'm uploading the modified background for anyone else who might want to use it. Since the credits for the Rise of the White Wolf mod were in the original background, I've included it in the one I made as well.

credits: Although the hours of Photoshop work done to make this background was done by me, I take no credit for the wonderful wolf image that I used as the base. Credits for that go to the artists in the Rise of the Whitewolf team and, obviously, CD Projekt Red for the original concept art on which Rise WW team based their work.

Please note: The fonts in the screenshots are small because I play in 2K. This mod will not affect your font sizes.

This mod is just substituting one file in Rise of Whitewolf:

Just take the Data folder in located in ui_main_mask.mod folder and drag it into the main The Witcher Enhanced Edition folder. Say yes to merge and yes to overwrite

If you want to go back to original Rise of WW background, do the same with the folder in ui_main_mask.original.