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Adds 5 new abilities which allow heroes with the Elmsoul, Flamesoul, Wolftouhed, Crowtouched, and Crystalline transformations to instantly and completely progress their transformations in battle, and change back either at will or at the end of combat..

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This mod adds the Waxingsoul ability (which is actually 5 different abilities but don't tell anyone). Once acquired, it allows heroes with the Tree, Fire, Wolf, Crow, and Gem transformations to use a combat ability which will apply all pieces of their theme at once, with all the benefits and drawbacks that brings. Using Waxingsoul applies a small debuff for every combat turn they stay transformed (-0.1 potency, speed, and bonus damage per turn). While transformed, heroes can use the Waningsoul ability to revert back to their old form, and will automatically transform back after combat.