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This mod adds so much you won't want to go back to the normal game after using this mod. This includes almost every mod out there, including one of HeySlickThatsMe which was previously only released in the modding Discord.

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You'll be able to play beta versions and more here.

WARNING: we do NOT advise you play story missions with this mod enabled.

So the main atraction of this mod is that it includes an alpha version of the Freeroam Demo Mod V2 (HeySlickThatsMe has confirmed on Discord that I have permission to post it), but it also includes dozens of other mods.
Here's a list of all mods included:

- HeySlickThatsMe's alpha version of the Freeroam Demo Mod V2 (I did delete the new animations though since they were broken).
- Some snippets of HeySlickThatsMe's Natural San Fransisco mod.
- HeySlickThatsMe boundary removal mod.
- Tervels E3 V2 mod.
- mlleemiles Black Nethack mod. (this mod also fixes a bug where there'd be a heavy framrate drop when going into nethack so a must have)
- HeySlickThatsMe better parkour mod V0.5.
- Obelix's less intrusive GPS markers mod.
- C4PT41N_BOMB4RD's complete car on demand mod.
- Yorpies rebalanced police mod.
- Some extra things I put in myself.

So here's an explanation of what's new in Freeroam Demo Mod V2:

- There are ALOT of new weapons, most of which from Watch_Dogs 1, but there's also a cut Watch_Dogs 2 weapon.
- New outfits, and you can now even take off every clothing piece you want (even Marcus his boxers, but Slick made some anti measures so you don't have to see Marcus naked, we don't want unneeded nightmares, do we?)
- You can now inject your own LUA scripts into the game via the tilde key.
- You can still choose to be another character like in the first Freeroam Demo, but there are no broken animals now, and Sitara and Wrench have actual working voices taken from the final mission in the game, where they also had voices).
- A lot of unloaded areas now automatically loaded in, no need to activate them via DriverSF anymore.
- You can now airbrake! So you can just fly through walls and go look at some areas you couldn't look at normally.
- A cut mission with Horatio is now in the game, although the method to activate it is still unclear.
- A new pause menu!
- New story areas! The FBI office is now accesible per example. And actual enemies now spawn in these areas.

Z + X = Change Player Model (Cycle through a list of few story characters, includes voices and profiles, some are buggy)
Z + C = Toggles Godmode
X + C = I think it should change Weather, but its broken from what i remember
X + N = Change Time of day (Adds +1 Hour to current)
Insert = Toggle Airbrake
~ (Tilde) = Inject custom script from custom.lua folder

Don't think I did absolutely nothing though except combine some mods. I made lots of changes and additions, like slow-mo when in menus, optimisation fixes and way more. Have fun!