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This is how game would look 5 months before release. Early 2014.

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// About:
Port of visual features from 2014, January 15 build.

Differences from vanilla:
  • Beta fog (by mllemiles);
  • 2013 clouds (by mllemiles);
  • Native anisotropic filtering (by Parallellines);
  • Colorful and strong daytime;
  • 2013 sun flare;
  • 2013-ish storm weather.

Main version also includes next little mods:
  • Skip intro cutscene (by The Silver);
  • Bedbug death fall fix in "Not a Job For The Tyrone" mission;
  • Train interior LOD fix (by mllemiles);
  • Rigid turning movement in stealth mode with weapons fix (by mllemiles);
  • Water puddle ripple effect (by mllemiles);
  • Jam com screen tweak (by Deebz__, fixed by The Silver);
  • Beta style digital board (by mllemiles);
  • Clean buildings (by Parallellines);

// Install:

Main Version:
Make backups of "patch" and "shaderobj" files before replacing them.
Drop "patch.dat" and "patch.fat" files to "data_win64" folder of your Watch_Dogs installation.
Drop "shadersobj.dat" and "shadersobj.fat" files to "data_win64" folder of your Watch_Dogs installation.

Loose Version:
Extract contents of "patch" folder to yours unpacked patch.

// Credits:
mllemiles and Parallellines - for assistance of editing lighting files.