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This mod adds lite Depth of Field effect + E3 Demo camera + Unlocked view inside the vehicles. Now works with Bad Blood DLC and latest patch.

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The graphical mods are using strong Depth of Field settings that makes the game look more cinematic and perfect for taking amazing screenshots. But it sometimes makes the game uncomfortable to play. For example - when camera focused on one enemy the area behind him is becoming so blurry that it's hard to see the other enemies and other points of interest. It's very inconvenient when you want to complete the mission undetected in stealth style.
So I made this mod for better visual quality without breaking the gameplay experience and it's safe to play online.

- light dynamic and static background Depth of Field effect in all major cameras (singleplayer and multiplayer)
- reduced Depth of Field on dashboard
- includes E3 camera perspective and Yizan's Unlocked vehicle interior camera
- works with Bad Blood DLC
- works with latest patch v.1.06.329

- Walking camera perspective updated. Now it's just like E3 one, thanks to machine4578 from Guru3D forum!
- integrated with latest patch v1.05.324 + Bad Blood DLC
- integrated with latest patch v1.04.497

Standalone file:
You can also download the standalone file for integration with other mods under the Files tab.

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Big thanks goes to guys from Guru3d forum:
Yizan and machine4578 for their hard work!
BossMafioso for explaining me the DOF values!